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Netease Sports reported on October 16:


The celebrity circle has become popular recently. In fact, she has always existed, like


Over and over, over and over again, year after year relegation, many teams have become legendary phoenixes because of their very rich experience.


They are just like the "Mercedes and BMWs" mentioned in the circle of celebrities, but don't be with them, because they are too experienced and have a lot of things. It is too difficult and difficult to take advantage of them.

它们就像名人圈子中提到的“ Mercedes and BMWs”,但不要和他们在一起,因为它们太有经验了,并且有很多东西。利用它们实在太困难了。

Some netizens even ridiculed the relegation team of the Super League with the help of Shanghai celebrities fighting for singles.



Netizens ridicule


In fact, as early as the first stage of the league, foreign aid has seriously affected the records of many teams. The most sad reminder may be Zall and


But in the second stage of the relegation group, another variable appeared. This was the continuous update of foreign aid by the teams, and the resulting increase and decrease in strength. At least at the moment before the relegation battle started, the outside world might not be able to tell. In addition to foreign aid variables, mentality is also a big variable.


云山雾罩的保级名媛圈:有队拼外援 有队变白富美

In terms of strength, focus on the first stage. The strength ranking of the Super League relegation teams should look like this: Shenzhen Kaisa, Guangzhou


However, the strength and state shown in the first stage are of little significance to the relegation battle in the second stage. At present, the strength of foreign aid is still the first, but the key to the problem is that many teams in the relegation group All newer foreign aids have brought great variables.


Let's analyze the situation of each team from the level of foreign aid variables.


云山雾罩的保级名媛圈:有队拼外援 有队变白富美

There is only one team with absolutely stable foreign aid: Shijiazhuang Yongchang. They are the only team in the relegation group that did not change foreign aid during the three-turn window in September. In addition, Matthews and Muric of Yongchang are recovering well. They are also Yongchang's core foreign aid. They can guarantee to play, and Yongchang's combat effectiveness can be guaranteed. The current Oscar status is not clear, but he is not Yongchang's core foreign aid. .

只有一支绝对稳定的外援球队:石家庄永昌。他们是保级队伍中唯一一支在9月份的三关窗口期间没有改变外援的球队。此外,永昌的Matthews和Muric的康复情况也不错。它们也是永昌的核心外援。他们可以保证比赛,并且可以保证永昌的战斗力。目前的奥斯卡地位尚不清楚,但他不是永昌的核心外援。 。

There are 3 teams with slight changes in foreign aid: Shenzhen Kaisa, Henan Jianye and Wuhan Zall.


Shenzhen Kaisa replaced a foreign aid, and Preciado, Mali, Cernas, and Song Zhuxun stayed behind and replaced Praliganji. Praliganji has already played in the first stage and performed well, so although Shenzhen Kaisa has replaced a foreign aid, the overall situation is relatively stable.

深圳凯莎代替了外援,普雷西亚多,马里,切尔纳斯和宋祝勋留在后面,取代了普拉利甘吉。 Praliganji已经在第一阶段比赛中表现出色,因此尽管深圳佳兆业已经取代了外援,但总体形势还是相对稳定的。

Henan Jianye also replaced a foreign aid, that is, the central defender Shunich of Guoan on loan. This is actually a big change. The reason is very simple. In the first stage of the league, Jianye’s defensive quality was too poor. The 33 teams that conceded the most goals in the Super League, unexpectedly surpassed Guangzhou R&F. R&F is very puzzled.


However, Jianye has always been known for foreign aid in the midfield, and Ivo's return is good news for Jianye.


Wuhan Zall also replaced a foreign aid, with Martinez from Shenhua on loan. Objectively speaking, this signing is not of great significance. For Zall, whether the existing foreign aid can play is the key and important. Fortunately, Evra, who was originally selected for the Côte d’Ivoire national team for the first time, did not report to the national team, but stayed at Zall to prepare for the relegation battle. However, the situation of Baptistan and Carrizo is difficult to determine, Carrizo Training has been resumed before, but the status is unknown.


Evra and Nahor are very important to Zall. If Baptistan and Carrizo can return to a better state, Zall’s situation will be more optimistic, and vice versa, there will be risks.


Then there are 4 teams with very unstable foreign aid, but the impact is not the same.


云山雾罩的保级名媛圈:有队拼外援 有队变白富美

Qingdao Huanghai, which has the least impact, why do you say that? The reason is that Qingdao Huanghai played with two foreign players, Alexandrini and Vukovic, for a long time in the first stage. They are also the core foreign players of the team and led the team to play. A lot of outstanding performance. Minara performed well. As for Popovich and center Radonic, if they perform well, then the Yellow Sea will increase in strength. If the performance is average, the Yellow Sea will not be affected too much-in other words, the Yellow Sea. I was used to the poor days of lack of foreign aid.

青岛黄海的影响最小,为什么这么说?原因是在第一阶段,青岛黄海队与两名外国球员亚历山大·尼迪尼奇和武科维奇一起打了很长时间。他们也是球队的核心外国球员,并带领球队踢球。很多出色的表现。 Minara表现出色。至于波波维奇和中央拉迪尼克,如果他们表现出色,那么黄海的实力将会增强。如果性能平均,黄海将不会受到太大影响,换句话说,黄海。我已经习惯了缺乏外援的贫穷日子。

The second most influential is Guangzhou R&F: the offensive twin stars Zahavi and Saba both left. The team has loaned Chongqing Modern’s core foreign aid Adrian, and also loaned Yatai striker Zhivkovic, a very important point. It is that after Zahavi left, R&F has 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses in the second half, but its record is better than the 2 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses in the first half. Therefore, like Qingdao Huanghai, R&F’s strength is also enhanced in theory. .

最具影响力的人物是广州富力:进攻性双胞胎明星扎哈维(Zahavi)和萨巴(Saba)都离开了。球队借了重庆现代的核心外援阿德里安,还借了亚泰前锋日夫科维奇,这很重要。正是扎哈维离开后,富力在下半场取得了2胜2平3负的成绩,但其战绩好于上半年的2胜1平4负。因此,与青岛黄海一样,富力的实力在理论上也得到了增强。 。

The biggest variables are actually Dalian people and Tianjin TEDA.


The Dalian native left Long Dong in the end. This is very important. If Long Dong also reports to the national team, the Dalian native will really be blind. However, the people of Dalian still lost Hamsik.


Regarding Hamsik, what is the value of this man who can run the most in the Super League to Dalian? I'm afraid I will know only after losing him. Jailson looks good, but as the core of the new midfielder, no one knows what role he can play. Maybe Dalian people will benefit from this, or Dalian people will be greatly affected.


云山雾罩的保级名媛圈:有队拼外援 有队变白富美

You know, the problem with the Dalian people is the poor performance of the team's local players. Although the foreign players other than Longdong and Hamsik are also good, they have no decisive role. If the core foreign players do not perform well, the situation of the Dalian people will be better. trouble.


The last thing I want to talk about is Tianjin TEDA. This magical team did not win in the first round. Foreign aid is a very important reason. Now, TEDA has finally gathered foreign aid. In addition to Achim Peng and Bastians, TEDA is one Tone introduced three foreign players, Ahmedov, Lima and Suarez. The increase in strength is obvious, but what changes will the increase in foreign players bring to the team? I am afraid everyone is also Yunshan Mist.

我最后要谈的是天津泰达。这支神奇的球队没有在第一轮中获胜。外援是一个非常重要的原因。现在,开发区终于获得了外国援助。除了阿希姆·彭(Anhim Peng)和巴斯蒂安(Bastians)以外,泰达(TEDA)也是一个口气,介绍了三位外籍球员,艾哈迈多夫,利马和苏亚雷斯。实力的增加是显而易见的,但是外国球员的增加会给球队带来什么变化?恐怕大家也是云山雾。

Although foreign aid wins and the new foreign aid brings more variables, the variables are not only related to foreign aid, the mentality is actually very important.


云山雾罩的保级名媛圈:有队拼外援 有队变白富美

In terms of mentality, such as relegation experience. In this regard, Shenzhen Kaisa, Qingdao Huanghai, and Dalian people may have mental changes. Although Kaisa has experienced relegation, it has no successful relegation experience. Dalian people have Relegation experience, but the team is a strong team after all, forced to fight relegation, mentality control is troublesome. Qingdao Huanghai is the first time to compete in the Super League. When it comes to the relegation battle, it may be a problem whether the players are nervous.


In addition to this so-called relegation experience, many teams have exposed mentality problems in the first stage.


The more obvious ones are Henan Jianye and Tianjin TEDA. Needless to say, Tianjin TEDA has no victories in the first round of the Super League, and even suffered an eight-game losing streak. Although foreign aid can be used as a reason, it is obviously impossible to shirk all of them to foreign aid. Obviously, there are serious problems within the team, and there are many problems with the players' fighting spirit. Xinhua News Agency has been involved in criticism, and the problem is naturally not simple.


Another example is Henan Jianye, who has always dared to fight and fight, but turned out to be the team that conceded the most goals in the first stage. Although there were also factors such as Ivo's injury, Jianye’s conceded goals were too casual. Contact Jianye season At the beginning of the change of coaches, generals, etc., Jianye obviously also had the problem of non-foreign aid. It is more obvious that the relationship between the acting coach Yang Ji and the players was quite subtle. However, in the second stage Jianye changed the head coach, and perhaps the mentality of the team will change, but whether the new head coach can adapt to the team has become a variable again.


It is also possible that Shenzhen Kaisa has changed its mentality. The reason is simple: in theory, Shenzhen Kaisa is the strongest team in the relegation group, but this team has changed too much in this season, so the team In the first stage, the record has been unstable, and when it comes to the relegation battle, because the theoretical strength is the strongest, it is unknown whether the players will be proud of it. Fortunately, Kaisa’s management seems to be aware of this problem. It is said that Kaisa has the strictest team rules in the history of Kaisa, hoping to shock the players. Of course, the corresponding to the strictest team rules is that there will naturally be enough rewards for success in relegation. In any case, if Kaisa's team is really staring, the three armed forces are using their lives, and the strength of their strength is really used, it will naturally be no problem to relegation.




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