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The second wave of the epidemic in Italy was serious. Yesterday there were 8804 new cases, a record. The highest in March was 6000+ in a single day. There were 83 deaths yesterday. The Lombardy region, where Milan is located, added more than 2000 cases. Nearly a hundred cases of Chinese people in Italy have been diagnosed. This is a phenomenon that did not exist in the first wave of the epidemic. At that time, the conscious and zero diagnosis of Chinese people was a good story and provided an example for Italians.


The Italian news agency AGI published an article at 18:00 last night, interviewing Chinese representatives in Rome, Milan, and Prato (the largest Chinese gathering place in Italy, accounting for about 40% of the total population) of Chinese representatives in the second wave of the epidemic in Italy and the current situation of Chinese life. Concerned that Chinese people generally express great anxiety, "The second wave of the epidemic is more harmful than the first wave. We strictly discipline ourselves, wear masks, keep a safe distance when we go out, do not gather, do not hold parties, do not organize gatherings and group dinners. But Italians are not like this. Generally speaking, the requirement to wear masks is not taken seriously. It seems that nothing happened and there is no epidemic. This is our biggest worry."


Lucia King, spokesperson for the Chinese community in Rome and chairman of the Emergency Committee, said: "In March, we had zero confirmed cases, but this time more than 50 people have been infected, and every community has. We are far more nervous and scared than the first wave of the epidemic. Many Chinese shops that have just opened are closed. During the epidemic, 1/3 of Chinese restaurants in Rome closed down. We Chinese originally liked gatherings and chatting, but we stopped all such activities since February. We are very cautious. Now we try to avoid going out or even taking a plane. Although China does not prohibit our overseas Chinese from returning to China, as long as we have a negative nucleic acid test and quarantine for 14 days-7 days at a government-designated hotel and 7 days at home-but now, I think It’s not time to move."

罗马华人社区发言人兼紧急事务委员会主席卢西亚·金说:“ 3月份,我们确诊病例为零,但这次感染了50多人,每个社区都受到了感染。我们更加紧张。而且比第一波流行更令人恐惧。许多刚开业的中国商店都关门了。在流行期间,罗马有1/3的中国餐馆关门了。我们中国人本来喜欢聚会和聊天,但自那以后我们停止了所有此类活动2月,我们非常谨慎,现在我们尽量避免外出甚至乘飞机,尽管中国不禁止我们的海外华人返回中国,但我们必须进行14天的阴性核酸检测和检疫7在政府指定的酒店住了7天,在家则住了7天-但现在,我认为现在不是搬家的时候。”

Lucia King also advised overseas Chinese to use traditional Chinese medicine: "A kind of mixed Chinese herbal medicine in our Chinese medicine can strengthen the immune system. It is taken 3 times a day. I heard that people in Wuhan do the same. Furthermore, please Italians believe in the anti-epidemic effect of wearing masks. For example, in the early days of the birth of seat belts, people also objected to compulsory seat belts, saying that it is unnecessary to be uncomfortable, but now it has become a habit and we all realize the benefits. As far as I feel, only we Chinese must wear masks when going out, others are not. This is troublesome. China's 1.4 billion population can control the epidemic, and the cooperation of the whole people is indispensable, and Italy should do the same."

卢西亚·金(Lucia King)还建议海外华人使用中药:“我们的中药中的一种混合中药可以增强免疫系统。它每天服用3次。听说武汉的人也这样做。此外,请意大利人相信戴口罩的抗流行病作用。例如,在安全带诞生之初,人们也反对使用强制性安全带,说不必感到不舒服,但现在它已经成为一种安全感。习惯,我们都意识到了好处,据我所知,只有中国人外出时必须戴口罩,其他人则不需要。这很麻烦,中国有14亿人口可以控制这种流行病,全民合作是必不可少的,意大利也应该这样做。”

Alessia Jiang, the female principal of the Chinese Culture College in Rome, revealed: “I have two sons who go to high school here. They go home after school and never go out. They chat with friends on mobile phones and computers. But only Chinese do this, and others follow. It seems okay. This makes us very worried. Our school has suspended Chinese classes for the second generation of overseas Chinese and switched to online courses, but there are very few participants because many overseas Chinese have returned to China."

罗马中国文化学院的女校长姜亚历(Alessia Jiang)透露:“我有两个儿子在这里读高中。他们放学后回家,永不外出。他们在手机和计算机上与朋友聊天。但是只有中国人可以这样做,其他人则可以。好像还好这使我们非常担心。我们学校已暂停第二代海外华人汉语班,改用在线课程,但参加人数很少,因为许多海外华人已返回中国。”

Another member of the Chinese municipal government, Teresa Lin, who was only 24 years old (who went to university in the United States), said: "My mother has already returned to China and does not want to return to Italy for the time being. It is not safe. If Italians do not strictly follow the rules, do not wear The situation will only get worse with masks and going out to parties."

中国市政府的另一位成员,只有24岁(曾在美国上过大学的林慧琳)说:“我的母亲已经回到中国,暂时不愿返回意大利。 “这是不安全的。如果意大利人不严格遵守规则,那就不要戴。只有戴着口罩和参加聚会,情况才会变得更糟。”

The famous Chinese Sinology Center in Paolosarpi, Milan's Chinatown, where traditional skills such as Chinese Kungfu, Chess, and calligraphy were once taught, has closed. Francesco Wu, the Chinese representative of the Milan Federation of Foreign Industry and Commerce, said: “Before the introduction of the new Prime Minister’s Act, the Chinese were already very strict in self-discipline, not meeting or partying. Many businesses do not wear ordinary medical surgical masks, but N95 or higher masks. There are not many Chinese stores closed here, because most of them are family businesses, and the number of people is small, and they still maintain their own production and external sales. Chinese businessmen in Milan generally have small business scales and are very diligent and thrifty. This is also beneficial to everyone. We (the Chinese) are prepared to fight the epidemic, but other people don’t know about it, such as locals and some South American immigrants."


I wish to care about the health of our compatriots and take care of them.


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