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nba投注站网址|两次缩胸手术后 哈勒普从此拒绝再当“收银员”

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   On September 27th, Halep celebrated his 29th birthday. This day is also the first day of the French Open. Against the Spanish player Tomo, Halep once won 10 games in a row and swept the eggs, and his 15-game winning streak also set a record for the longest winning streak of his career. As the top seed of women’s singles, Halep is regarded as the biggest favorite to win the French Open, but she said that she did not look in that direction. All she has to do is to patiently play every match. “I missed three times before. A Grand Slam champion, I missed the world No. 1 four times, but in the end I got what I wanted, so I am very patient."

9月27日,哈勒普(Halep)庆祝他的29岁生日。这也是法国公开赛的第一天。与西班牙选手托莫(Tomo)对抗时,哈勒普(Halep)曾连续10场比赛获胜并扫了鸡蛋,他的15连胜也创造了他职业生涯最长连胜纪录。作为女子单打比赛的头号种子,哈勒普(Halep)被认为是赢得法国公开赛的最大宠儿,但她说,她并没有朝着这个方向发展。她要做的就是耐心地参加每场比赛。 “我之前错过了三遍。作为大满贯冠军,我四度无缘世界第一,但最终我得到了想要的东西,所以我很有耐心。”





   In the first round of the women's singles against the Spaniard Tomo, the slightly slower Halep opened 2-4 behind. But after that, Halep swept Tomo 6-4, 6-0 after winning 10 consecutive games.


   Affected by the epidemic, the French Open was postponed from the end of May to the end of September. Halep, who was born on September 27, rarely played the French Open on his birthday. "Winning is the perfect birthday gift." Halep said that it was a very special moment to win at the French Open on her birthday, and it may be the only time in her career.

受这一流行病的影响,法国公开赛从5月底推迟到9月底。 Halep出生于9月27日,在他的生日那天很少参加法国公开赛。 “获奖是完美的生日礼物。”哈勒普说,这是她生日那天在法国公开赛上获胜的非常特殊的时刻,这可能是她职业生涯中唯一的时刻。

   But even for such a rare experience, Halep did not celebrate. To comply with the French Open's epidemic prevention regulations, Halep must stay in the room, "I opened a bottle of water to celebrate (laughs), but after the French Open, I will celebrate."


   In addition to the pressure brought by rival Tomo, another difficulty Halep has to face is the low temperature in Paris. At the end of autumn, the temperature in Paris was already very low. In addition, it has been raining in the past few days. The temperature on the first day of the French Open was around 10 degrees Celsius. In the low temperature, Dawei wore a waistcoat to compete, and Azarenka, who settled in Florida, wore a down jacket to enter.


Halep also bluntly said that it was too cold after the game. She hopes to adapt to the damp and cold weather in Paris as soon as possible. "It is too cold. It is a bit of a struggle for me. It is at least 15 degrees lower than Rome. But the conditions we face. It's all the same, I need to stay calm." Starting this year, the French Open has replaced the ball for the game. The new ball will become heavier in wet and cold conditions. Halep said that he needed to adjust his tactics at this time and was very happy that he did it. “Tomo’s topspin hits the ball very high and it’s not easy to hit the ball from the shoulder position. After that, I opened up the field better, Slow down, I'm doing well."

哈勒普还直言不讳地说,赛后太冷了。她希望尽快适应巴黎的潮湿和寒冷天气。 “太冷了。这对我来说有点挣扎。它比罗马低至少15度。但是我们面临的条件。都一样,我需要保持冷静。”从今年开始,法网已经取代了比赛的球。新球将在潮湿和寒冷的条件下变得更重。哈勒普说,他此时需要调整自己的战术,他对此感到非常高兴。 “托莫的上旋球击中的球很高,从肩部位置击球并不容易。在那之后,我打开了更好的田野,放慢脚步,我做的很好。”

   After passing the first round, Halep has won 15 consecutive victories (21 wins and 2 losses in the season), setting a record for the longest consecutive victories in his career. Halep has raised his points to 7,255 points this week. If he can win in Paris, Halep will replace Batty to return to the world's top throne. Prior to this, Halep had 64 weeks of reign in the world, ranking 10th in history.


 哪个app能买篮彩  But Halep's next promotion will not be too easy. In the third round, it is likely that Anisimova will be waiting for her. Last year's French Open quarterfinals, it was Anisimova that strongly ended Halep's defending journey.






   In the 2014 French Open, Halep made his first Grand Slam final. At the French Open in 2018, Halep won the Grand Slam for the first time. Halep said that she wants to win every competition she has participated in, but the French Open has a special meaning. "I won my first Grand Slam here. Every time I come here, I want to play as well as possible. The game until the end of the game."

在2014年法国网球公开赛中,哈勒普(Halep)首次进入大满贯决赛。在2018年法国公开赛上,哈勒普(Halep)首次赢得大满贯。哈勒普说,她想赢得自己参加的每场比赛,但是法网有特殊的意义。 “我在这里赢得了我的第一个大满贯冠军。每次我来到这里,我都想尽可能地比赛。比赛一直持续到比赛结束。”

   brought the two clay court champions of the Prague Open and the Rome Open to Paris, and played as the top seed. Halep has never become the favorite of the French Open women's singles this year. In the major winning odds list, Halep is the top one.

将布拉格公开赛和罗马公开赛的两位红土球场冠军带到巴黎,并担任头号种子。 Halep从未成为今年法国公开赛女单的最爱。在主要的获胜赔率列表中,Halep名列前茅。

"It's an honor to hear that I am a big favorite, but I didn't look in that direction. I know many players are hot candidates because everyone is training hard and everyone is ready for this game." Haller Pu said that she just wants to seize every opportunity, try to play every game well, and then see how it turns out, "Winning a Grand Slam is everyone’s dream, and I am the same, but I will not go Think so far."

“很高兴听到我是我的最爱,但我没有朝这个方向发展。我知道很多球员都是热门候选人,因为每个人都在努力训练,每个人都为这场比赛做好了准备。” Haller Pu表示,她只是想抓住一切机会,尽力打好每一场比赛,然后看看结果如何:“赢得大满贯是每个人的梦想,我是同一个人,但我不会走到现在为止。”

   This year's French Open, the world's No. 1 Batty did not come, and the world's No. 3 Naomi Osaka did not come. Halep, who ranked second, became the top seed, and pressure also followed.


"I'm used to this kind of pressure. I played in the Grand Slam before as the world's number one. The pressure was even greater than now. I will look at it in the right way and treat this as a normal game. Halep said that she will not put pressure on herself to achieve what kind of results, "Don't face pressure negatively, it is your motivation to move forward."


   Affected by the epidemic, the tour restarted with difficulty in early August, but Halep did not go to New York to participate in Cincinnati and the U.S. Open like many players did. The French Open was her first major in the "safe bubble".


"We must be grateful for having a chance to play in such a difficult situation." Halep cherishes this opportunity to play. "What I have to do now is to stay calm, enjoy the game, and go all out every time I play. , No longer anxious like before, this is my main goal."

“我们必须感谢有机会在如此困难的情况下参加比赛。” Halep珍惜这次比赛的机会。 “我现在要做的就是保持镇定,享受比赛并在每次比赛时全力以赴。不再像以前那样着急了,这是我的主要目标。”

After not participating in the competition for half a year, Halep said that she has become more mature. The epidemic brought her into an ideal state of mind, "I am more mature and more relaxed. Because I see that the most difficult challenge comes from life, not from life. Tennis."






   After winning the Rome Open last week, Halep gathered three clay court championships, and the number of clay court championships in his career reached nine. Among active players, he ranked second only to Serena Williams (13).


   But before that, Halep was once dubbed the "cashier" by fans. In the French Open, Roma, Madrid, Cincinnati, Rogers Cup and other important events, Halep reached the final 16 times and got 10 runner-up plates. Especially before 2018, Halep's results in these 5 major events were 3 crowns and 9 yas.

但是在此之前,哈勒普曾经被粉丝们称为“收银员”。在法网,罗马,马德里,辛辛那提,罗杰斯杯等重要赛事中,哈勒普进入了16次决赛,获得了10个亚军。特别是在2018年之前,哈勒普(Halep)在这5项重大赛事中的成绩分别为3冠和9 yas。

   This performance is almost a microcosm of Halep's career. Before 2014, Halep's best Grand Slam result was only in the fourth round of the U.S. Open, and more often he was eliminated in the first two rounds.

这种表现几乎是Halep事业的缩影。 2014年之前,哈勒普(Halep)的最佳大满贯成绩仅出现在美国公开赛的第四轮中,更多时候是在前两轮中被淘汰。

   In order to be more flexible on the court, Halep did not hesitate to perform two breast reduction operations, and then invited Agassi’s former coach Cahill to gradually gain a foothold on the Grand Slam stage.


   In 2014 French Open, 2017 French Open, 2018 Australian Open, Halep made three finals but they all made wedding dresses. It wasn't until the French Open in 2018 that Halep won his first Grand Slam championship.


   Like the bumpy road to the Grand Slam, Halep's climb to No. 1 in the world has been twists and turns. From 2014 to 2016, Halep ranked second in the world at the end of the year for three consecutive years, but he could not touch the back seat. In 2017, Halep finally reached the world's first threshold, but he passed the world's first four times in the French Open, Wimbledon, Cincinnati, and US Open four times. Halep finally took the back seat after reaching the final at the China Open that year.

就像通往大满贯的坎road之路一样,哈勒普(Halep)攀升至世界第一是曲折的。从2014年到2016年,哈勒普(Halep)连续三年在年底前排名世界第二,但他无法触及后排。 2017年,哈勒普(Halep)终于达到了世界第一的门槛,但他四次在法网,温布尔登,辛辛那提和美国公开赛中都超过了世界第一。当年在中国公开赛进入决赛后,哈勒普终于退居第二位。

   The next year at the Australian Open, Halep made it to the final again, but he completed the only Grand Slam of Wozniacki's career. Having failed to enter the Grand Slam finals for three times, Halep was also under the pressure of being "No. 1 in parallel imports".

第二年在澳大利亚公开赛上,哈勒普再次进入决赛,但他完成了沃兹尼亚奇职业生涯的唯一大满贯赛事。 Halep连续三次未能进入大满贯决赛,也面临着“平行进口第一”的压力。

   After missing the first 3 Grand Slams, Halep has a 100% success rate in the last two Grand Slam finals. In the 2018 French Open final, Halep defeated the new Co-US Open champion Stevens to win the first Grand Slam. In the 2019 Wimbledon final, Halep swept Serena 2-0 to win the championship without being optimistic.


"I missed three Grand Slam titles before and missed the world No. 1 four times, but in the end I got what I wanted, so I am very patient." Halep said that the opponents she has to face now are very powerful. Everyone is almost the same at this level. Having figured this out, Halep said that he was no longer anxious and his mentality was more optimistic, "This way I will have a greater chance to win the games that I would lose before. I feel for my spiritual transformation and progress happy."


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