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Last night, Beijing time, the results of the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League group stage draw were officially released, and the dramatic plot of the new season will also be staged again. There are old generals and old masters reunited, there are resentment unions, passionate collisions, and of course the death group. A few days ago, football data website Squawka made an interpretation of the results of the draw. They listed the seven favorites to win the Champions League this season, and analyzed the winners and losers of the draw.


7. Juventus probability of winning: 6.45%


Opponents in the group stage: Barcelona, ​​Dynamo Kyiv, Ferencvaros


For the Champions League, after the introduction of Cristiano Ronaldo two years ago, Juventus showed great ambitions, and the Bianconeri must win the championship as soon as possible. As the team’s key players are 35 or older, even if coach Pirlo brings new momentum to the team, Juventus knows that their chances of winning are gradually decreasing.

对于欧洲冠军联赛,两年前克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)加盟之后,尤文图斯表现出了极大的野心,而比安科内里必须尽快赢得冠军。由于球队的关键球员年龄在35岁以上,即使教练皮尔洛为球队带来了新的动力,尤文图斯也知道,他们获胜的机会正在逐渐减少。

Juve's grouping situation is relatively simple, they will compete with Barcelona for the top spot in the group. The other two teams may be tricky, but when the team points to the Champions League, if they lose to teams like Dynamo Kyiv and Ferencvaros, don't have illusions about the Champions League.


6. Barcelona winning probability: 6.90%


Group match opponents: Juventus, Dynamo Kyiv, Ferencvaros


After experiencing a humiliating defeat of 2-8, Barcelona ushered in a huge change this summer. The legendary Coman, who holds the Champions League trophy, became the coach of Barcelona. This can give Barcelona some confidence and start them to some extent. The competition for the Champions League in the new season. Koman hopes to bring Barcelona into a new era, with De Jong as the center of the midfield, attacking under the leadership of Fati, the 17-year-old Fati is constantly showing his strength.

在经历了2-8的惨败之后,巴塞罗那在今年夏天迎来了巨大的变化。拥有冠军联赛奖杯的传奇人物科曼成为巴塞罗那的教练。这可以给巴塞罗那一些信心,并在一定程度上启动他们。新赛季的欧洲冠军联赛比赛。科曼希望以德容(De Jong)为中场中心,在法蒂(Fati)的领导下进攻,将巴塞罗那带入一个新时代。现年17岁的法蒂(Fati)不断展现自己的实力。

Messi is still playing for Barcelona, ​​which is also Coman's wish. The Argentine will also give Barcelona a great advantage in the group stage. Of course, this is also the first time Messi and Ronaldo have met in the Champions League group stage since 2011. Messi and Ronaldo have only met in the semifinals before, so for fans all over the world, this is definitely a feast.


5. Real Madrid winning probability: 6.90%


Group match opponents: Shakhtar Donetsk, Inter Milan, Monchen


After winning the Champions League three consecutive championships, Real Madrid is no longer the object of attention to some extent. Despite this, already and the warships won the La Liga championship last season. For winning the Champions League, Courtois, one of the best goalkeepers in the world, is crucial. As time goes by, Ramos has become more and more influential. As long as the Real Madrid captain can avoid stupid card-taking, Zidane's team will still be the favorite to win.


Real Madrid should be able to advance easily, although the game against Inter Milan will bring some wonderful stories (Juventus reunion, Sanchez has a good record against Real Madrid, Lautaro will meet La Liga giants again).


4. Paris Saint-Germain winning probability: 7.69%


Group match opponents: Manchester United, RB Leipzig, Istanbul


As the Champions League runner-up, Paris had to stand up and start again. In terms of probability, they should indeed win the final, but the two super strikers, Neymar and Mbappe, failed to score. Paris hasn't changed much this summer, and Thiago Silva's departure may not have much impact on Paris' defense.

作为冠军联赛的亚军,巴黎必须站起来并重新开始。就可能性而言,他们确实应该赢得决赛,但是两个超级前锋内马尔和姆巴佩均未能得分。巴黎今年夏天变化不大,蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)的离开可能不会对巴黎的防御产生太大影响。

This team will once again play in the semi-finals of last season's Champions League, Paris against Leipzig, and meet again with Manchester United. Paris has the ability to stand out from these three opponents, but how far it can go remains to be seen.


3. Liverpool winning probability: 15.62%


Group match opponents: Ajax, Atlanta, Central Jutland


Liverpool is still one of the best teams in the world, and the Red Army will work hard to regain the Champions League. Liverpool is an extraordinary team that can win games in any way you can think of. The defense is solid, the midfielder is very hardworking, and it has brought in Thiago, one of the best midfielders. To exaggerate, if Liverpool want, they can even pass the ball with just their brains. Of course, Liverpool also has the most terrifying frontcourt trident. Liverpool’s team is full of exciting teams, but unfortunately, none of the other three teams are opponents of the Red Army.


2. Manchester City's probability of winning: 17.54%


Group opponents: Porto, Olympiacos, Marseille


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It seems that Manchester City can always mess things up. Whether defeated by Monaco, defeated by Liverpool, or raided by Tottenham and Lyon, Guardiola always seems to be able to lose in unexpected ways. Judging from paper strength, Blue Moon is definitely a big fan of winning. But a closer look will reveal that this group is full of pitfalls. Manchester City can win 7-0, or lose 1-2. But no matter what happens, Manchester City is worthy of attention.


1. Bayern's probability of winning the championship: 17.86%


Group match opponents: Atletico Madrid, Salzburg, Lokomotiv Moscow


Bayern shined in the Champions League last season, winning the championship trophy with 13 games and winning the second triple crown in team history. Bayern's offensive against Thailand is excellent, both killer and speed. Muller is the perfect linker, Lewandone kept scoring goals, and the "flying on both wings" of Sane and Gnabry made every opponent feel terrified.


Playing against Atletico will be a test, but with four wins (or five or six wins), qualifying is a piece of cake for Bayern.


In this group, only Sevilla is relatively outstanding. Neither Rennes nor Krasnodar can stop Chelsea from qualifying. If they can beat Sevilla, they will even qualify as the group leader.


After leaving Sancho with a tough attitude, Dort should be able to easily get the first place in this group. Although anything is possible in the football world, they are better than Zenit and Lazio.


In order to return to the Champions League, Manchester United paid all the fighting, effort, blood and sweat, but was thrown into the group of death. Two opponents of the same group also entered the semi-finals of last season. Against Paris, Manchester United may think that they have a psychological advantage, but considering the state of Wan Bisaka, he is unlikely to stop Neymar and Mbappé.


At the same time, Leipzig led by Nagelsmann is more integrated than Manchester United, not to mention the presence of Pamecano.

同时,由内格斯曼(Nagelsmann)领导的莱比锡(Leipzig)比曼联(Manchester United)更加融合,更不用说帕梅卡诺(Pamecano)了。

After De Jong, De Ligt, Van der Beek and Ziyech left the team, Ajax's strength has been greatly reduced. In this year's Champions League group stage, Teng Haag will face the powerful Liverpool and the attacking Atlanta. With the loss of some outstanding players, Ajax seems to have difficulty qualifying in the group.

在De Jong,De Ligt,Van der Beek和Ziyech离开团队之后,阿贾克斯的实力已大大降低。在今年的欧洲冠军联赛小组赛中,滕海格将面对强大的利物浦和进攻的亚特兰大。随着一些优秀球员的流失,阿贾克斯似乎很难进入小组赛。

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