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资料图:WE战队选手在比赛中。当日,2019NEST全国电子竞技大赛(英雄联盟)夏季总决赛在贵州贵阳举行,首场对阵中BLG战队以2:0胜WE战队。中新社记者 瞿宏伦 摄

   Chinanews client, Beijing, October 7th (Wang Hao) At the end of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, looking back at the hottest sporting events of this holiday, many people may mention the "League of Legends Global Finals (S10)" by coincidence.


Even if many people still hold a wait-and-see attitude, or even "cannot understand" e-sports, it is undeniable that e-sports has already had a large audience group, and the development of the e-sports industry and its affiliated culture, It consolidates the role of this industry in social development at a higher level.




   The new crown pneumonia epidemic that swept the world this year disrupted the original rhythm of the world, and sports bear the brunt. The postponement of the Olympic Games, the suspension of a large number of events, the empty games have become the norm, and many clubs have fallen into a crisis of survival. This is definitely a disastrous year for the world sports world.


   E-sports is naturally also inevitably affected. In China alone, hundreds of offline e-sports events were affected in the first half of the year. But compared to traditional events, e-sports is less dependent on venues. As long as there are equipment and guaranteed internet speed, it can be played anywhere.


Take China as an example. Even in the first half of the relatively severe epidemic, LPL (League of Legends China Mainland Top League) and KPL (King of Glory Pro Tournament) all went smoothly through online competitions, and after the epidemic was effectively controlled , The open offline games are connected, and through professional event packaging, it is close to the effect before the epidemic.


   The achievements of China's epidemic prevention work and the experience of running the competition under the premise of epidemic prevention have enabled the World Games of Glory of the Kings and League of Legends to be successfully held in China. The former is being carried out in Beijing and the latter is being carried out in Shanghai.


   S10, which continues during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, is the 2020 League of Legends Global Finals and is currently one of the most discussed sports events on social networks. Even the finalists and group matches are often in the focus of public opinion. In the final of the Glory of the Kings World Championship held on August 16, the number of live views also reached 31.51 million, and until the final, it created a peak of 580 million views of Weibo topics.


According to the "2020 Global E-sports Industry Development Report" released at the 2020 Global E-sports Leadership Summit and Tencent E-sports Annual Conference, China’s e-sports users are expected to exceed 400 million in 2020. During the epidemic, Chinese e-sports users are new. An increase of about 26 million.

根据在2020年全球电子竞技领袖峰会和腾讯电子竞技年会上发布的《 2020年全球电子竞技产业发展报告》,预计到2020年,中国的电子竞技用户将超过4亿。电子竞技用户是新手。增加了约2600万。

   It can be said that China is becoming the hot center of international e-sports events, and in the horizontal comparison of China's sports field, the attention of e-sports events is already in the leading group.




   Regarding the e-sports industry, there has been constant hot news in recent years. The most common issue is that various regions have successively introduced support/support policies for the e-sports industry. Such policies are introduced in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and many second- and third-tier cities. Various signs indicate that the big cake of the e-sports industry has become the focus of the eyes of all places.


  The data also reflects the hotness of the e-sports market today. Li Mingchong, executive director of the Guangzhou Cultural Industry Research Center of the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, once said in an interview that by 2022, China's (Mainland) e-sports market revenue will exceed 160 billion yuan. An industry of this scale has become an existence that cannot be ignored at the moment.


   The rapid development of China's e-sports market has not only benefited from the rapid development of all links in the e-sports industry chain, but the entire industry chain is also continuously extending. Perhaps five years ago, some terms about e-sports were still unknown, but now they are often seen in various media reports.


   And e-sports education is also a new hot spot derived from the prosperous development of e-sports in recent years. In addition to some colleges and universities that have tentatively launched e-sports-related majors, there are countless training institutions in the society. The content of education includes not only the training of players, but also the training of other types of e-sports practitioners. At the moment when there is a huge gap in e-sports talents, the development prospects of this field are broad.


   With the increasing attention to e-sports matters, e-sports has become a "protagonist" from the background board in some film and television works. Zhang Yijia, general manager of the mobile business department of Tencent Interactive Entertainment, once introduced that in the process of adapting the much-watched online novel "Moment of Kings" into other film and television works, it is hoped that through e-sports, games, animation, film and television, music, etc. Factors that enable the IP of King Honor to be better derived in different digital content methods.


From market size to development prospects, from talent training to pan-entertainment development, the e-sports industry has become a force for social and economic growth today, and what is even more coveted is that in the future, it is likely to continue Growing rapidly.


   Data map: In the e-sports education center of Changchun Health Vocational College, students practice popular e-sports games in class, while teachers teach the skills of game operation. The e-sports sports and management major opened by the college in September 2018 requires students to study a total of more than 20 courses in three years, and e-sports training is one of them. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yao




   The barbaric development of "e-sports" or "online games" in its infancy is an important reason why many people "cannot understand" it. Although this proves from another aspect that e-sports has become a culture and possesses extraordinary influence, it does not change the stereotype that "e-sports" and "online games" will shake the will of young people in people's minds.


   Even now, some people are worried that the rapid development of the e-sports industry and the attraction of celebrity e-sports players will make some unborn young people blindly devote themselves to the e-sports industry.


  Of course, the development of things always needs to be treated in two. For the long-term development of the entire industry, it can be seen that China's e-sports is gradually moving closer to the mainstream in terms of event packaging, player image, and cultural communication. Correction in development and progress in learning have also become one of the reasons why it cannot be eliminated.


In the sub-forum of the Beijing International E-sports Innovation and Development Conference held in August this year, some industry insiders said: “E-sports itself is an emerging industry dominated by young people. The series of activities they generate in the city will be Make the overall image of the city more passionate and energetic."


Even if you don’t pay attention to e-sports, it must be more or less from the words "line", "output", "stealing tower" and so on that young people often talk about. Derived from the exclusive vocabulary in the game. It is another manifestation of the influence of e-sports culture to influence and to a certain extent lead the trend of the Internet.


   During the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday this year, S10 was in full swing in Shanghai. This is the most influential game in the League of Legends tournament system, with a large audience group around the world. While the global epidemic has not yet been fully controlled, the smooth and safe holding of S10 has once again brought China into the focus of the world.


   China's e-sports event organization, industrial scale, and cultural influence are the proof of its development and a prerequisite for a broader future. Perhaps, even if you are "unused", you should learn more to avoid being tired of those "unusable" content. After all, from the current point of view, it is indeed "can't get rid of" it. (Finish)

中国电子竞技赛事的组织,产业规模和文化影响力是其发展的证明,也是更广阔未来的前提。也许,即使您是“未使用”的,您也应该学习更多,以避免对那些“不可用”的内容感到厌倦。毕竟,从当前的角度来看,它确实是“无法摆脱”的。 (完)

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