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  The elites in the poker circle are only a few, and the TAs are at the forefront of most players. Like most other poker players, it is the foundation and future of the industry, seeking a breakthrough in the vast poker world, either because of love or obsession, while enjoying the joy of poker while playing.


   Tang Wei, whose English name is Gina, is a corporate executive with an annual salary of one million. She has more than one year of card experience. For international poker, she has a passion and love that ordinary people cannot match. So, in March 2019, she did something incredible to everyone: quit her million-dollar salary and choose to be a full-time poker player! What made her make such a decision? What kind of poker story does she have? Let us announce it together!


  Encounters, obsessed, unable to extricate themselves!


   Unlike many poker players in the poker circle, Gina studied abroad while receiving a good education while also accepting open ideas abroad. It was there that Gina met her passion and can devote her life to the career-international poker!


"The first time I played Texas in Texas was when I was studying in the UK, and I learned it with foreign friends. Playing cards when I had time while studying abroad can be regarded as relaxing and alleviating academic pressure." During the study period, Gina came into contact with international poker because she only regarded it as After having fun with friends every day and just relaxing, Gina didn't realize that she had become obsessed with international poker.


After returning to work in China, things seem to have changed. "After returning to China, I have been engaged in the education industry, and I have been in a management position as an English teacher. After work, I will also go to the German poker club to play some tournaments. I am very involved in this matter. However, I obviously feel that the time and energy are not enough!" Tang Wei, who is obsessed with international poker, found herself eager to study poker and realized that she was a little weak in terms of conditions. Perhaps it was at this time that Gina had some ideas. . . . . .

回到中国工作后,情况似乎发生了变化。 “回到中国后,我从事教育行业,担任过英语老师的管理职位。下班后,我还将去德国扑克俱乐部参加一些比赛。我非常参与这件事。但是,我显然感到时间和精力还不够!”痴迷于国际扑克的汤唯发现自己渴望学习扑克,并意识到自己在条件方面有些虚弱。也许正是在这个时候吉娜有了一些想法。 。 。 。 。 。

  Resign and choose the international poker you love!


As time went by, Gina, who felt more and more powerless in time and energy, finally made a choice between a million-dollar job and international poker. She chose her dream and the international poker she loved more. Become a full-time poker player.


"In terms of becoming a full-time player, I am allin! In March 2019, I quit my job as an executive with an annual salary of one million, and I am determined to be a full-time player, because one thing needs to be focused. Devotion and abandonment. Especially in the international poker tournament, the time and energy that needs to be invested cannot be combined with my busy work. So I decided to devote time to what I love more!"


   Parents are rational and open-minded, friends support and encourage!


   In order to become a full-time poker player, he quit his stable and high-paying job. Although she did not tell her parents about such an important matter in the first time, her parents eventually knew about it. So, what will Gina face?


"My parents didn't know that I had resigned at the beginning. Until recently, I played more frequently and realized that I had devoted myself to this matter. My parents did not explicitly object to them. They analyzed the pros and cons before me, but decided I still need to do it myself."

“我的父母不知道我一开始就辞职。直到最近,我玩得更频繁,才意识到我一直致力于这件事。我的父母没有明确反对。他们分析了我的利弊。 ,但决定我仍然需要自己做。”

   Gina's parents are very open-minded, and they are also very sensible about this matter. They made a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of full-time players and gave the final choice to Gina.


   The understanding of her parents made Gina devote herself to international poker more wholeheartedly, and gradually got the support of her friends. “Friends around me who don’t know about international poker will be curious about what I’m currently doing. Friends who know and like international poker will actively invite me to communicate offline and participate together. It feels very good. Some friends will take the initiative to buy shares in me. Every game you play is to express your support and encouragement to me!” So, with the support of parents and friends, Gina, who has no worries, has become more determined to take the path of full-time poker!

由于对父母的了解,吉娜更加全心全意地致力于国际扑克,并逐渐获得了朋友们的支持。 “我周围不了解国际扑克的朋友会对我目前正在做的事情感到好奇。认识并喜欢国际扑克的朋友将积极邀请我进行离线交流并共同参与。感觉很好。一些朋友会主动购买我的股票。您玩的每一款游戏都是要向我表达您的支持和鼓励!”因此,在父母和朋友的支持下,毫无后顾之忧的Gina更加坚定了走全职扑克之路的决心!

   has never signed a contract, is full of hope for the future!


Many female players who enter the poker circle often choose to sign a certain poker brand, mainly because they can learn and communicate with more high-level players through the platform after becoming a signed player, which can also reduce their burden and reduce the fluctuation of playing cards. .

许多进入扑克圈的女性玩家经常选择签约某个扑克品牌,这主要是因为她们在成为签约玩家后可以通过平台与更多高级玩家进行学习和交流,这也可以减轻她们的负担并减少波动。玩纸牌。 。

   However, Gina has a clear understanding of the signing players! "I am not currently a signed player. The signed player must be a very capable player, and I hope to be one of them in the future!"

但是,吉娜对签约球员有清晰的了解! “我目前不是签约球员。签约球员必须是一个非常有能力的球员,我希望将来成为其中一员!”

It can be seen from the words that Gina also hopes that one day she can become a signing player, but she has a very deep understanding of her own strength and understands that her current strength is not enough to sign a poker brand. However, this is also the case. Once stimulated her inner fighting spirit, full of confidence in the future.


   Full-time players have many difficulties, persistence is victory!


After Gina chose allin to enter the poker circle, all kinds of pressure to become a full-time player came oncoming. As a female poker player, she belongs to a disadvantaged group in international poker. Therefore, she can always get the same table at the poker table. "Special care" from the players!


"I prefer to play cards quietly. I don't like being ridiculed by excessive words at the poker table. Appropriate and scaled jokes are acceptable!" Gina, who has just entered the poker circle, may have experienced more malicious targeting. , But she didn't care. As she said, she just wanted to play cards quietly.

“我更喜欢安静地打牌。我不喜欢被扑克桌上过多的言语嘲笑。可以接受适当且有规模的玩笑!”刚进入扑克圈的吉娜(Gina)可能遭受了更多恶意攻击。 ,但她不在乎。如她所说,她只是想安静地打牌。

   However, the biggest enemy Gina faces on the road to full-time is international poker itself. This game allows many people to see its cruel nature. As a female poker player, Gina once broke down.


"I have had a time when my heart collapsed, but I did not achieve my ideal results because of my wholehearted devotion. However, I did not have the idea of ​​giving up, because this stage is a necessary stage and the most critical and difficult stage for self-improvement. ".


   Every player has to experience the fluctuations of the game, especially during the downswing period. He has paid so much for international poker, but he cannot get the reward he deserves. This will undoubtedly make people feel desperate. However, Gina never thought of giving up. In her own words, "Since I chose allin, I will stick to it"!


   Apprentice to learn art, join the team!


   Gina quit her job and chose to become a full-time player. It seemed incomprehensible and even absurd, but she was not unprepared. . . . . .

吉娜(Gina)辞去工作,选择成为一名全职球员。这似乎令人难以理解,甚至荒唐,但她并非没有准备。 。 。 。 。 。

"First of all, I have used an experienced teacher as a teacher. He has more than ten years of poker experience. He will often guide me online and offline. I also often watch live video of some foreign competitions and game-related events. Teaching courses to revise your own play style and theoretical basis."


   Perhaps it was behind the help of an expert that Gina made such a categorical choice to resign and enter the poker circle. At the same time, Gina also formed a team with her friends. In the team, she and her teammates learned and exchanged card skills, improved and improved together.


   "We formed a team by ourselves, and there are many friends who have excellent online and offline performances. We also exchange card skills in the group every day, encourage each other, and share the feelings of the competition."


   came to the fore and pointed out the problem!


It is precisely because of having a superb card skills and experienced master as a leader, a group of like-minded teammates to exchange and study together, Gina's level has been rapidly improved, and she has just started focusing on the tournament this year and has a wealth of competition experience. Therefore, Gina is in The poker circle is beginning to emerge!


   "I will participate in the offline tournaments of the poker club. The major tournaments only started this year. In the major tournaments that just ended this year, I successfully entered the top 38 reward circle and became the last female player to be eliminated"! Gina said proudly.


   Although not very dazzling results, but every improvement is worth remembering. Maybe you can still remember yourself as a newbie. Every time you rank in the competition, you will feel excited. He is full of confidence and set a goal to enter the top 100, top ten, and top three next time. . . . . , I believe that everyone has done these behaviors. This is definitely the best way to encourage yourself and boost your self-confidence.

虽然效果不是很令人眼花,乱,但是每一个进步都值得记住。也许您仍然记得自己是新手。每次在比赛中排名时,您都会感到兴奋。他充满信心,并设定了下一次进入前100名,前10名和前3名的目标。 。 。 。 。 ,我相信每个人都做过这些行为。这绝对是鼓励自己和增强自信心的最佳方法。

At the same time, Gina, who has not participated in many competitions, found many problems in domestic competitions: “Due to the needs of the competition, many dealers are temporarily seconded. Due to differences in responsibility and professionalism, Mishandling behaviors and mistakes will affect the emotions of players in many situations. For example, cards are issued, cards are received by mistake, cards are dealt without confirmation, the wrong chips are counted, and the rules of the event are not understood. Hope the event organizer Be able to attach importance to the training of dealers, so that players can play with peace of mind in a fairer environment."


   Maybe many players have encountered these problems, but they are all used to it. No wonder, only the fledgling Gina can stand up and speak up. However, no one came out to point out the problems, these problems will always exist, the domestic competition will not progress. Therefore, when Gina chooses the competition, the main consideration is the brand, reputation and influence of the competition. Such as CPG, Tianjin Mori, National Cup, Tiger Cup. . . . . . She will choose to participate in the competition!

也许许多玩家都遇到了这些问题,但是他们都已经习惯了。难怪只有新生的吉娜能站起来说话。但是,没有人指出这些问题,这些问题将一直存在,国内竞争将不会进行。因此,吉娜(Gina)选择比赛时,主要考虑的因素是比赛的品牌,声誉和影响力。如CPG,天津森,国家杯,老虎杯。 。 。 。 。 。她将选择参加比赛!

   Defeat the Great God, everything is possible!


   The most memorable card game experience for Gina was a game duel with a well-known domestic player, and it was that duel experience that gave Gina extremely strong confidence!


"The more memorable card game was in this year's Tianjin Mori Cup side event (Hunter Match). I defeated a well-known domestic player Ax with a hand of 9J and successfully hunted his Hunter card. This card allowed me The memory is deep and it has improved my self-confidence."


This reminds me of a scene in the movie "The King of Gamblers". Matt Damon recalled that he had successfully bluffed and defeated Johnny Chan, the god of gamblers at the time, and now Matt Damon owned it. Very strong confidence and therefore decided to go to Las Vegas to find his dream.

这让我想起了电影《赌王》中的一幕。马特·戴蒙(Matt Damon)回忆说,他曾经成功地诈bl并击败了当时的赌徒之神约翰尼·陈(Johnny Chan),现在马特·戴蒙(Matt Damon)拥有了它。非常有信心,因此决定去拉斯维加斯寻找梦想。

Similarly, after successfully defeating well-known players, Gina realized that she could also defeat well-known great gods. This also made her realize that everything is possible in international poker, and it also gave her full confidence in the path of full-time poker players. .

同样,在成功击败知名玩家之后,吉娜意识到自己也可以击败知名大神。这也使她意识到在国际扑克中一切皆有可能,这也使她对全职扑克玩家的道路充满了信心。 。

   Keep your feet on the ground and look up at the sky! To


   Maybe many people just saw Gina quit a high-paying job and become a full-time poker player with a bleak future without knowing what Gina really thought. Gina herself said: “Although the annual salary of one million is the envy of many young people, it also bears the pressure that ordinary people can’t imagine. The career experience of being a corporate executive has given me a lot of experience, giving me a sense of life and values. There are also new changes, and I want to prove myself again in a new field I love."


   The appearance is glamorous, and the huge pressure behind it has made Gina more determined to fight in the international poker that she loves, to prove her idea again. "A good person is good no matter where he goes!" Therefore, I must be able to excel in the field I love.

外观很迷人,而背后的巨大压力使Gina更加决心参加自己喜欢的国际扑克比赛,以再次证明自己的想法。 “一个好人,无论他走到哪里,都是好人!”因此,我必须能够在自己喜欢的领域表现出色。

Regarding the future of her poker path, Gina said, “I don’t have any long-term plans at the moment, because there are many outstanding players in this field, and there are many unknown factors. I plan to participate in some major events at home and abroad in the near future and accumulate some Competition experience". The current Gina is mainly diligent study and practice, accumulating experience, as a newcomer, she should be down to earth and look up to the sky!


Tang Wei in life!

tang Wei in life!

  As a full-time poker player, Gina in life is different from many professional poker players. It's not that you can't live without poker every day, nor are you learning to improve your skills every day. "I also like to raise small animals in my life. I have a lot of puppet cats. When I get home after competitions, I just play cats, watch movies, exercise, and travel."

作为全职扑克玩家,吉娜的生活与许多职业扑克玩家不同。并不是说您每天都不能没有扑克生活,也不是您每天都在学习提高技巧。 “我也喜欢生活中的小动物。我有很多木偶猫。比赛结束后回到家时,我只是玩猫,看电影,运动和旅行。”

  I believe everyone in the poker circle knows that full-time players are under heavy road pressure, and the entire international poker game is full of negative emotions. Therefore, Gina prefers to play cats, watch movies, exercise, and travel in her free time. . . . . . These are all excellent ways to relieve stress~ I especially like kittens, and my love for them has long been deeply rooted. Whether it's a real cat or a puppet cat, she wants it all!

我相信扑克界的每个人都知道全职玩家承受着沉重的道路压力,整个国际扑克游戏都充满了消极情绪。因此,吉娜(Gina)更喜欢在空闲时间玩猫,看电影,运动和旅行。 。 。 。 。 。这些都是缓解压力的绝妙方法。我尤其喜欢小猫,而我对小猫的爱早已深深扎根。无论是真正的猫还是木偶猫,她都想要!

   The future of international poker!


   Looking back at Gina's poker journey, giving up a million-dollar job to enter the poker circle, this initial choice must be unintelligible to many people. However, the poker circle really needs the spirit of dare to allin and the attitude of pursuing dreams. The emergence of "Ginas" has undoubtedly injected new vitality into the domestic poker industry. There are bound to be more "Ginas" born in the poker circle, and they will all be the future of international poker!

回顾吉娜的扑克之旅,放弃一百万美元的工作进入扑克圈,这种最初的选择对许多人来说是难以理解的。但是,扑克界确实需要敢于追求的精神和追求梦想的态度。 “ Ginas”的出现无疑为国内扑克业注入了新的活力。一定会在扑克界诞生更多的“吉娜斯”,它们都将成为国际扑克的未来!

However, with the support of parents and friends, the guidance of experienced teachers, the team members to communicate and study together, and the cute cats can alleviate the pressure. In this way, giving up a million-dollar job is not so absurd. It seems to be engaged. The poker business I love is still a very wonderful thing!


   Perhaps Tang Wei understood this and did not hesitate to choose the international poker that she loves and can do everything for. No one can conclude whether her choice is correct or not, but I know that Gina will never regret her choice!


   This is Tang Wei!


   A full-time poker player who dares to think and do, and is decisive!


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