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Entering October, the first phase of the 2020 Chinese Super League has ended, and the league has entered a short break. There are only a few months left until the Football Association requires "all team names to complete the neutralization transformation before the 2021 season". If it fails to pass the certification of the Chinese Football Association, it will not be awarded the qualification for league admission.


The Chinese Super League has always had the title of "real estate league", and "de-commercialization" is a common topic. In this regard, the Football Association should perhaps learn from the Basketball Association. In May 2019, the CBA took the lead in announcing the brand upgrade of the team logos of 9 teams. The President of the Basketball Association, Yao Ming, publicly stated that the old team logos of the CBA teams have been seriously inconsistent with the new era, and the team logos of each team are "homogenized." The drawbacks of "roughening" have caused dissatisfaction among fans, so the CBA team will comprehensively upgrade the team logo and visual image of each team in the next two seasons.

中国超级联赛一直拥有“房地产联盟”的称号,“去商业化”是一个常见的话题。在这方面,足协也许应该向篮球协会学习。 2019年5月,CBA率先宣布9个团队的团队徽标的品牌升级。篮球协会主席姚明公开表示,CBA球队的旧球队标志与新时代严重不一致,并且每个球队的球队标志都“同质化”。 “粗糙”的弊端引起了球迷的不满,因此CBA球队将在接下来的两个赛季中全面升级每个球队的球队标志和视觉形象。

The CBA brand upgrade has given the Super League a good sample, and has provided the possibility of change for the long-maligned brand visual packaging of the Super League.


Starting from July 2020, the Porten brand, in the spirit of self-entertainment, has spontaneously launched the "unofficially produced "re-branded" Super League team logo redesign" series, and has redesigned part of the Super League team's "courageously" series. The team logo has aroused enthusiastic responses, discussions and complaints from fans and design enthusiasts. Netizens have posted messages and provided suggestions and suggestions. We are very encouraged. We would like to express our sincere thanks!


In this issue, we will revise some of the team logo schemes that have been released based on the pertinent suggestions of netizens. At the same time, the neutral renaming & team logo redesign plans of the remaining six teams were released, forming a complete set of 16 teams in the 2020 Chinese Super League team neutral rename & team logo redesign. I hope you can continue to support and actively feedback your opinions and opinions!


1. Neutralization and de-enterprise;


2. Highlight Chinese culture and regional characteristics;


3. Concise and flat design style;


4. Respect the history of the team, discard & inherit;


OK, don’t say much, let’s start our throwing bricks! To


The first is Beijing Guoan, Tianjin Teda, Shanghai Shenhua, Shandong Luneng, Henan Jianye. The common characteristics of these five teams are: there have been no major name changes from the beginning of the professional league to the present, they have a long history of accumulation, and have good brand equity among fans and the football market. According to the requirements of the Football Association, these 5 teams can be compliant without changing their names (or minor adjustments).


The Beijing Guoan team has always been known as the "Yulin Army" in the league. When designing the team logo, we replaced the original CITIC Group LOGO with a Chinese character in the shape of "Royal" with a football outline to achieve the "de-enterprise" function. The Badaling Great Wall above the shield is not only a symbol of Beijing, but also one of the most recognized Chinese cultural symbols in the world, with a profound cultural heritage. In terms of color matching, the new team logo inherits the original color system, and appropriately adjusts the yellow-green color value to make it more historically inherited and more consistent with the regional cultural identity of the Beijing Guoan team.


We adopted one of Tianjin’s landmarks, the world’s only “Tianjin Eye” on a bridge overlooking the Ferris wheel, as a symbol of Tianjin. The round Ferris wheel blends organically with the outline of the football, reflecting each other, which is very distinctive of Tianjin. The blue sword stripe inherited from the original team emblem matches the super-designed "TEDA" English and "Tianjin" Chinese characters, with high visual recognition.

我们在俯瞰摩天轮的桥上采用了天津的地标之一,即世界上唯一的“天津之眼”,以此作为天津的象征。圆形的摩天轮与足球的轮廓有机地融合在一起,相互映衬,这在天津非常有特色。原始团队徽记所继承的蓝剑条纹与超级设计的“ TEDA”英文和“天津”汉字相匹配,具有很高的视觉识别度。

The team logo of Shanghai Shenhua has a long history and is known as one of the most beautiful team logos of the "Chinese Super League" with a high degree of recognition. Based on the principle of respecting the historical heritage of the team, on the basis of retaining the main visual elements and color matching of the original team emblem, the details of the leopard head pattern representing "no madness and no Shenhua" are optimized to make the original too trivial lines More concise and powerful. At the same time, enlarge the leopard head pattern and adjust the SFC to the blue and white stripes below, making it more full and stretched. Remove the glory ribbon of "GREENLAND" below to complete the goal of "de-commercialization".

上海申花队的标志历史悠久,被公认为“中国超级联赛”最美丽的队标志之一,具有很高的知名度。基于尊重团队历史遗产的原则,在保留主要视觉元素和原始团队标志颜色匹配的基础上,优化了代表“无疯狂无神华”的豹子头图案的细节,原始的过于琐碎的线条更加简洁而有力。同时,放大豹子头图案并将SFC调整为下面的蓝色和白色条纹,使其更加饱满和伸展。移除下面的“ GREENLAND”荣耀丝带,以完成“反商业化”目标。

The original "Shandong Luneng Taishan" team logo is composed of the initials "LNTS" of Luneng Taishan, a slash logo similar to Adidas, and football. In the design of the team emblem, the slash logo of Luneng Group is first removed. The top of the shield is represented by the outline of Mount Tai, which symbolizes the "Five Sacred Mountains." It constitutes abstract graphics, which is very characteristic of Shandong's regional culture.

原始的“山东鲁能泰山”队标志由鲁能泰山的缩写“ LNTS”,类似于阿迪达斯的斜杠标志和足球组成。在团队标志的设计中,首先去除了鲁能集团的斜线徽标。盾构的顶部由泰山的轮廓代表,象征着“五圣山”。它构成了抽象的图形,这是山东地方文化的一大特色。

Henan Jianye's new team logo design inherits the circular outline and color combination. The outer ring is composed of the four Chinese characters "Henan Jianye" and the club English. The football outline of the inner ring and the abstract design of the Chinese character "Yu" complement each other. According to legend, in the ancient times, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River had criss-cross rivers, dense forests, and numerous wild elephants. Henan was also known as the "place where people hold elephants". Therefore, the font design of "Yu" combined the shape and characteristics of elephants. It is more unique and designed, highlighting the strong regional characteristics of the Central Plains.

河南建业的新团队徽标设计继承了圆形轮廓和颜色组合。外圈由四个汉字“河南建业”和俱乐部英语组成。内圈的足球轮廓与汉字“ Yu”的抽象设计相互补充。据传说,在古代,黄河中下游地区纵横交错,河流纵横,森林茂密,野生象群众多。河南也被称为“人们养大象的地方”。因此,“喻”的字体设计结合了大象的形状和特征。它更具特色和设计感,突出了中原的强烈区域特色。

Except for the above 5 teams that do not need to make major changes in their names, the names of the remaining 11 Chinese Super League teams will all face the neutral change of "name change". At present, the Dalian native has officially announced the name change, and Jiangsu Suning has submitted the registration of "Jiangsu International", which is likely to be renamed Jiangsu International. The other teams have not issued any rename announcements.


In January 2020, the official announcement of the "Dalian Yifang" club officially changed its name to "Dalian People Professional Football Club", or "Dalian Pro" for short, completing the neutralization of the team name.


The lighthouse symbolizes hope, the direction of advancement, the protection of warmth, and firm perseverance. It is also a symbol and symbol of Dalian as a city. Therefore, we have cleverly integrated the two Chinese characters "Dalian" with the iconic century-old Tieshan lighthouse in Dalian Port. The top is shaped like a five-star golden "big" character, which symbolizes the team’s past brilliant record and hard work. The spirit also symbolizes the Dalian people's love of football and determination to pursue victory. The shape of the logo breaks through the original closed circle, and the five-star standing tall, contains huge energy and power, and appears more artistic and tension.


In response to the Football Association's new policy and layout, Jiangsu Suning has formally applied for and registered a new name "Jiangsu International Football Club", referred to as "Jiangsu International", with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. As we all know, the Suning Group currently controls a European giant team-Inter Milan. China has Jiangsu International, Italy has Inter Milan, and the Gemini stars complement each other. To


The redesigned team emblem removes the original cumbersome English on the outer circle and the football outline at the bottom, and outlines the image of the lion king of beasts and the champion badge with simple lines. The overall outline of the team emblem presents the shape of ginkgo leaves. Ginkgo is not only a representative plant in Jiangsu, but also means longevity, showing Suning's determination to become a club for a century. The English element of INTERNATIONAL JIANGSU has been added to the top of the team emblem, striving to be concise and clear as a whole.

重新设计的队徽去除了外圈上原始的繁琐英语,底部消除了足球轮廓,并用简单的线条勾勒出了兽王狮子和冠军徽章的图像。队徽的整体轮廓呈现出银杏叶的形状。银杏不仅是江苏的代表植物,而且意味着长寿,显示了苏宁成为一个世纪俱乐部的决心。团队标志的顶部已添加了INTERNATIONAL JIANGSU的英语元素,力求整体上简洁明了。

For the other 9 teams, the neutral names of the teams have not yet been clarified. Therefore, when the team logo is redesigned, only a neutral name can be tentatively designated for design. Say the important thing three times! The name is tentatively decided by us! Tentative! Tentative! If there is something that is improper or offensive, please lightly spray!


There are two teams in Guangzhou, "Hengda" and "R&F", and "Guangzhou FC" alone is obviously not enough to distinguish. As the Chinese Football Club Meixian Tiehan Ecological registered the club name of "Guangzhou South China Tigers" with the Football Association as early as possible, Evergrande's plan to change its name to "Guangzhou South China Tigers" fell through. Compared with the "Guangzhou Red Tiger", which fans are hotly discussing, we think it is better to simply name the "Guangzhou Tiger" directly, or it is more direct.


The Guangzhou Evergrande team logo continues to maintain the original shield shape, remove the crown style above, and directly use the open "GUANGZHOU" to indicate the geographical attributes. In the center of the shield, a roaring South China tiger stands proudly in the fiery flames, showing the air of a king. Compared with the original team emblem, the Fierce Tigers are no longer "trapped in a cage", but break through the shackles with a soaring aura, erupting endless majestic strength, and the combination of football and flame is more natural and smooth. The team logo as a whole strips off the original gradual three-dimensional texture, removes too many details, is more concise, and improves the recognition when used in small areas and monochrome, and the integrity of the team logo when it is made.

广州恒大队的徽标继续保持原始的盾牌形状,删除了上面的皇冠样式,并直接使用开放的“ GUANGZHOU”表示地理属性。在盾牌的中央,一只咆哮的华南虎自豪地站在烈火中,展现出国王的气息。与原始的队徽相比,凶猛的老虎不再“被困在笼子里”,而是以高昂的光环冲破束缚,爆发出无尽的威风,足球与火焰的结合更加自然流畅。团队徽标从整体上去除了原始的渐变3D纹理,删除了太多细节,更加简洁,并改善了在小区域和单色中使用时的识别度,以及在制作团队徽标时的完整性。

The Chinese Super League Guangzhou Derby is known as the "Lions and Tigers". The Guangzhou R&F team is loved by fans as the "Southern Guangdong Lions". The neutral team might be called "Guangzhou South Guangdong Lions".


In order to maintain the historical heritage of the team, the hexagonal diamond outline of the investor R&F Group was inherited. At the same time, the hexagonal rhombus is also a significant element of football, reflecting the industry attributes of the LOGO. In the performance of lions, the original European-style lions are adjusted to the image of stone lions with Chinese characteristics, which means bravery, mighty and guardianship. In the color combination, the dark blue is steady and noble, the light blue is fresh and elegant, and the different colors of blue complement each other, giving the team emblem a rich layering.


The history of Shanghai SIPG can be traced back to the Shanghai East Asia Football Club in 2005. "Eagle" is the spiritual totem of the club since its birth. The flames and redness are the brand genes flowing in the blood of SIPG. Therefore, our new team name for SIPG is-Shanghai Lieying.

上海SIPG的历史可以追溯到2005年的上海东亚足球俱乐部。“鹰”是俱乐部成立以来的精神图腾。火焰和发红是SIPG血液中流动的品牌基因。因此,我们SIPG的新团队名称是Shanghai Lieying。

Since it is the "Eagle Team", the "Eagle Head" element in the original team logo must be inherited. In order to highlight the bravery, self-confidence, and indomitable spirit of SIPG’s “Victorious Eagle”, we have upgraded the eagle’s lines as a whole, and the adjusted eagle head looks more powerful and full of energy. The outside of Eagle Head uses the freehand outline of football to replace the original olive branch, which is more related to the team club attribute. The crown elements that have nothing to do with Chinese cultural genes are removed on the top, and the open English name of FIERCE EAGLE is added, which is more impactful as a whole!

因为它是“ Eagle Team”,所以必须继承原始团队徽标中的“ Eagle Head”元素。为了突出SIPG的“胜利之鹰”的勇敢,自信和顽强的精神,我们对鹰的生产线进行了整体升级,调整后的鹰头看上去更强大,更充满活力。 Eagle Head的外部使用足球的徒手轮廓来代替原始的橄榄树枝,该橄榄树枝与团队俱乐部属性更多相关。与中国文化基因无关的王冠元素在顶部被删除,并添加了FIERCE EAGLE的开放式英文名称,整体上更具影响力!

China was called Huaxia in ancient times. Therefore, we named the company "China Fortune" and adjusted it to "China" and the team name to "Hebei China". Without major changes, we retained the original team's name recognition to achieve a neutralized name. Standards.


The Chinese call themselves "the descendants of the dragon". The dragon is a symbol of Chinese culture and the spiritual gene of the "Hebei China" team. When redesigning the team emblem, we chose the ancient bronze dragon pattern that carries the profound historical and cultural heritage, and the strokes of the Chinese character "Hua" constitute a mighty dragon head totem. The "Bronze Dragon" symbolizes the profoundness of China's civilization, "Hua" symbolizes the brand DNA of China's happiness, and the "leader" inherits the team's endless spirit of Tamron. In terms of color, it inherits the original classic red-gold collocation that symbolizes luxury and glory, showing that the team will continue to create a brilliant future.

中国人称自己为“龙的后裔”。龙象征着中国文化,是“河北中国”团队的精神基因。在重新设计团队会徽时,我们选择了具有深厚历史文化底蕴的古老青铜龙图案,并且汉字“ Hua”的笔触构成了强大的龙头图腾。 “青铜龙”象征着中国文明的深远,“华”象征着中国幸福的品牌DNA,“领导者”则继承了腾龙团队无尽的精神。在颜色方面,它继承了象征奢华和荣耀的原始经典红金搭配,表明车队将继续创造辉煌的未来。

Shijiazhuang was prospered by railways. Within a century, it developed from a small village of 200 residents to a megacity with a population of tens of millions. It is a typical "city drawn by trains." Therefore, the name of the Shijiazhuang Yongchang team may be tentatively designated as: Shijiazhuang Train City.


The new team logo design uses the steam locomotive as the main design, and the football elements are cleverly integrated into it, which is natural. "Locomotive spirit" not only represents Shijiazhuang's special transportation and location advantages, but also embodies the spirit and style of Shijiazhuang Yongchang team's "struggling to be the first and indomitable". The logo inherits the brand color of the original team emblem "My Heart Deep Blue", which implies the endless blue soul heritage.

新的队徽设计以蒸汽机车为主要设计,足球元素巧妙地融入其中,这很自然。 “机车精神”不仅代表了石家庄特殊的交通和区位优势,还体现了石家庄永昌队“奋斗第一,坚韧不拔”的精神和作风。该徽标继承了原始团队标志“我的心深蓝色”的品牌色彩,这意味着无尽的蓝色灵魂遗产。

"Shanhaijing·The Great Wilderness Northern Classic" records: "In the Great Wilderness, there is a mountain named Arctic Cabinet. The sea water north is filled with nine heads of gods, human faces and bird bodies, and the name is nine phoenixes." Hubei belonged to Chu in ancient times. During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, the "Nine Phoenix and Divine Bird" had become a totem worshipped by Chu people. Therefore, we tentatively named the neutral team as "Wuhan Jiufeng".

《山海经·大荒北经》记载:“大荒山有一座名为北极内阁的山。北部的海水中充满着九个神的头,人脸和鸟的身体,名字叫九只凤凰。 ”湖北在古代属于楚国。在春秋战国时期,“九凤神鸟”成为楚人崇拜的图腾。因此,我们暂时将中立团队命名为“武汉九峰”。

We take the "Nine Phoenix and Divine Birds" in "Shan Hai Jing" as the prototype, as the core element of the team logo design, which can best demonstrate the regional cultural characteristics of Jingchu, and also imply that the team "does not fly, but soars into the sky; no The sound is already, a blockbuster" majestic momentum. At the same time, the "double arc shield" shape of Chu during the Warring States Period replaced the original Western-style shield outline to form a team emblem with Chinese elements and Jingchu culture.


In the original team emblem of Chongqing Contemporary Lifan, the most obvious visual symbol is a blue V that symbolizes "victory". Chongqing has the only monument of victory in the War of Resistance against Japan, the Jiefangbei, which is the historical testimony of the Chinese nation's first comprehensive victory in resisting foreign invasion in the past 100 years. Therefore, the neutral team name may be tentatively designated as: Chongqing Victory.


In the design of the team emblem, we use the landmark building of Chongqing and a symbol of victory-the Jiefangbei, as a regional characteristic element, organically integrated with the "V" symbolizing victory and the outline of the shield. Red, blue, and red V Layers on top of each other continuously strengthen the brand connotation of "VICTORY", which symbolizes the team's spirit of never admitting defeat and striving for victory, with extremely high visual identity.

在团队标志的设计中,我们使用重庆的地标性建筑和胜利的象征-解放碑作为区域性特色元素,与象征胜利和盾牌轮廓的“ V”有机地结合在一起。红色,蓝色和红色的V层相互叠加,不断增强“胜利”的品牌内涵,这象征着团队永不屈服,为胜利而奋斗的精神,并具有极高的视觉识别力。

Qingdao is the most charming coastal city in China and also a famous sailing capital. Therefore, we tried to find a suitable neutral team name under the theme of navigation and ships. It is tentatively designated as Qingdao Sailor.


The blue sea, blue sky and white sails are the iconic elements that best reflect Qingdao's regional characteristics and urban style. Therefore, in the redesign of the team emblem, we chose the anchor representing the sailor and the port as the main identifying element. The shield shape composed of the waves and the sailboat in the middle symbolizes protection and glory. The classic red and blue color scheme, red symbolizes the enthusiasm and passion on the green field, blue symbolizes the perseverance and bravery of the sea, and is in the same vein as the city spirit of Qingdao!


Pioneer Bull symbolizes Shenzhen's spirit of exploring, forging ahead and leading the trend in the comprehensive development process of economy, culture, technology and other fields for more than 30 years, which is the "Shenzhen Spirit". Therefore, the native Shenzu was renamed "Shenzhen Pioneer", which obviously met the expectations of most fans.


The Shenzhen Kaisa’s team logo originated from the Shenzhen Football Club and has no corporate elements. Therefore, when redesigning, we continued the main visual elements of the original team logo: Shenzhen’s most representative building-Shenzhen Civic Center, Shenzhen Huale Rhododendron, the "pioneering cattle" representing the spirit of Shenzhen and the warm and unrestrained red hue. Make detailed optimization adjustments based on the original team emblem: In the appearance of the shield, the outline of the outer circle that appears to be closed and bloated is removed to make it more flat and open. Optimized the design details of the pioneer cattle: the raising of the horns is more in line with the charm of the pioneer cattle sculpture, and it is also more in line with the tenacious and indomitable urban spirit of Shenzhen; the shape of the petals of the Shenzhen Huale azalea is used as the imprint of the “pioneer cattle” to highlight The localized elements of Shenzhen enhance the spirit and sophistication of the overall logo.


Seeing this, we must get a family portrait redesigned with the logo of the 16 teams in the 2020 Super League:


I don't know if you are satisfied with the above design schemes. Welcome to comment. There is a thousand Hamlet in the hearts of a thousand people. For the design of the team name and team logo, the benevolent sees the benevolent, and the wise sees wisdom.


We have spontaneously launched the team logo redesign series for 16 teams, aiming to communicate with more football fans and design-loving gods on the basis of self-entertainment, and contribute a meager contribution to the brand upgrade of Chinese football. the power of. If there is any misunderstanding, improper performance or even offense, I hope the team fans will show mercy! ! !

我们自发地为16支球队推出了球队标志重新设计系列,旨在在自我娱乐的基础上与更多的足球迷和热爱设计的神灵进行交流,为中国足球的品牌升级做出微薄的贡献。的力量。如果有任何误解,不恰当的表现甚至是进攻,我希望车队的球迷们会表现出怜悯! ! !

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