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Di Maria made two passes and one shot, Marchinhos and Bernat made contributions, Paris Saint-Germain defeated RB Leipzig, and for the first time in team history entered the Champions League final. Learning from the mistakes made in the quarter-finals, Tuchel adjusted the staffing of the center and front court significantly. Neymar's 433 formation achieved miraculous results. The defense line that was a little worrying was also under pressure. The next has withstood the test.

迪·玛丽亚(Di Maria)进行了两次传球和一次射门,马尔基尼奥斯(Marchinhos)和伯纳特(Bernat)做出了贡献,巴黎圣日耳曼击败了莱比锡(RB Leipzig)。从四分之一决赛的失误中汲取教训,Tuchel大大调整了中心和前场的人员编制。内马尔的433编队取得了奇迹般的成绩。令人担忧的防御线也面临压力。下一个经受住了考验。

Tuchel used a three-engine midfielder in the game against Atlanta. Although this action strengthened the defense, it also caused an offensive breakpoint. Neymar spent a lot of energy in the process of retreating the organization. In this campaign, Di Maria and Mbappé returned, and Paredes also appeared in the starting lineup. Paris' offense no longer relied on a single core, and Leipzig's defense pressure increased sharply.

图切尔在对亚特兰大的比赛中使用了三引擎中场。尽管此举增强了防御能力,但也造成了进攻断点。内马尔在撤退组织过程中花费了大量精力。在这次竞选中,迪玛利亚(Di Maria)和姆巴佩(Mbappé)返回,帕雷德斯(Paredes)也出现在首发阵容中。巴黎的进攻不再仅仅依靠一个核心,莱比锡的防守压力急剧增加。

Tuchel's adjustment to the lineup was relatively large. Nagelsman basically followed the starter when Atletico was eliminated, and the only change was that Mujele replaced Halstenberg. Good at oppression and confrontation, using a three-back/five-back system, and attacking around a strong center. The overall movement and confrontation ability is strong. RB Leipzig and Atlanta have a high degree of similarity. This pair is already in the quarter-finals. It is advantageous for Paris to complete the "warm-up".

图切尔对阵容的调整相对较大。当马竞被淘汰时,内格斯曼基本上追随起步者,唯一的变化是穆吉尔取代了哈尔斯滕伯格。擅长于压迫和对抗,使用三后卫/五后卫系统,并在强壮的中锋附近进攻。整体运动和对抗能力很强。 RB莱比锡和亚特兰大具有高度相似性。这对已经进入四分之一决赛。对于巴黎来说,完成“热身”是有利的。

After the opening, frightened by the impact of the Trident in Paris's frontcourt, RB Leipzig did not exert full pressure on the Paris backcourt, but strangling in the midfield. RB Leipzig’s formation is between 451 and 3331. It’s in the midfield without the ball. It relies on a five-man midfielder to cut off the Paris transportation line. After stealing the ball, it runs in a wide range around Poulsen and quickly completes from the fourth back. Switch to the third central defender.

开幕后,由于三叉戟在巴黎前场的影响,RB Leipzig并未对巴黎后场施加全部压力,而是在中场but死。 RB莱比锡的阵型介于451和3331之间。它位于没有球的中场。它依靠一个五人中场切断巴黎的运输线。抢到皮球后,皮尔森在波尔森大范围内奔跑,并从第四后卫迅速完成。切换到第三个中央后卫。

Gosenz and Hartbauer are good at straight up and down, Angelinho and Leimer are not so aggressive on the ball. The two players move closer to the midfield and participate in the midfield. Thanks to the blessing of the "midfielder" wing guard, Leipzig has a good sense of hierarchy in the defense, and the connection in the offense is relatively close.


Paris's formation is relatively high, and the three forwards will focus their energy on the front field and it is difficult to complete the task of retreating. In the attack, Leipzig will quickly press through the midfield to put pressure on the wing, taking advantage of the limited coverage of the Paris three midfielder and the lack of sweeping of the center forward, looking for opportunities in the gap between the opponent's backcourt.


After Werner left the team, RB Leipzig's ability to grasp opportunities in the fast break has declined. Poulsen can play the role of the frontcourt fulcrum, but there is no reliable scoring point behind him to reap the dividends of the center tactics. The shots of Nkunku and Sabice did not pose too much threat to Rico. After resisting a wave of offensive in Leipzig, Paris relied on patient ground delivery and strong frontcourt oppression to counter opponents and gradually gained the dominance of the game.

维尔纳离开球队后,莱比锡RB在快速突破中把握机会的能力下降。波尔森可以扮演前场支点的角色,但是在他身后没有可靠的得分点可以收获中锋战术的好处。 Nkunku和Sabice的镜头并没有对Rico构成太大威胁。在抵抗莱比锡的一波攻势后,巴黎依靠耐心的地面防守和强大的前场压迫来对抗对手,并逐渐赢得了比赛的主导权。

Although there have been some undesirable passing errors, Paredes’ appearance has strengthened the connection between the Paris midfielder and the striker. Coupled with Di Maria and Mbappé’s restraint on the flanks, Neymar can be more Attack from a forward position. The Leipzig midfielder lacks a positive defensive midfielder and needs to be in front of Pamecano to eliminate the risk behind the midfield defense.

尽管存在一些不希望的传球失误,但帕雷德斯的出场加强了巴黎中场与前锋之间的联系。再加上Di Maria和Mbappé对侧翼的克制,内马尔可以从前锋位置更具进攻性。莱比锡中场球员缺乏积极的防守型中场球员,因此需要站在帕梅卡诺(Pamecano)前面,以消除中场防守背后的风险。

Thanks to Mbappe's advance containment, Neymar can easily take the ball in the front midfielder, or directly dribble the ball into the penalty area, or choose to contact Di Maria and Bernat on the side. After helping his teammates complete the task of advancing, Neymar can also detour to the ribs to make a threat. Leipzig has changed from a five-back to a four-back. The gap between the center and the full back is relatively large. When they retreat to the backcourt, they still do not give up on offside. The speed players in Paris have many opportunities to cooperate.

由于姆巴佩的先进控制能力,内马尔可以轻松地将球带到前中场,或者直接将球运到罚球区,或者选择与侧面的Di Maria和Bernat接触。在帮助队友完成进阶任务后,内马尔还可以绕道走肋,以构成威胁。莱比锡已经从五后卫变为四后卫。中心和后卫之间的间隙比较大。当他们撤退到后场时,他们仍然不会放弃越位。巴黎的速度运动员有很多合作的机会。

After Marchinhos opened the scoring, Paris did not choose to retreat and fight back, but instead took advantage of the momentum to increase the intensity of the high-position press, trying to further expand the lead after the opponent lost the ball. Paris's frontcourt Trident was very active when pressed. Neymar's restrictions on Leipzig's midfielder Pamecano and Herrera's top connection were the highlights.


After entering the middle of the first half, Poulsen's physical strength dropped significantly, and Leipzig tried more ground propulsion. Paris's frontcourt pressure has not weakened, and Gulasic's mistakes in gift giving came from this.


Nagelsman replaced Sigg and Fosberg at the beginning of the second half. The former can cooperate with Poulsen to suppress the defender, and the latter cruises between the Paris midfielder and the defender. This is the offensive tactics of the first half. continue. Completed 10 clearances and 3 interceptions, the air confrontation did not let the wind fall, Kim Pembe can be called the mainstay of the Paris line of defense. In addition to completing the defensive task, Kim Pembe also made 91 passes with a 98.9% pass success rate, and used a strong transmission output ability to resolve Leipzig's high press.

内格斯曼在下半场初取代了西格和福斯伯格。前者可以与波尔森合作镇压后卫,后者可以在巴黎中场和后卫之间巡逻。这是上半场的进攻战术。继续。完成了10次通关和3次拦截,空中对抗并没有让风落下来,金佩姆贝可以被称为巴黎防线的中流main柱。除了完成防守任务外,金·彭贝(Kim Pembe)还取得了91次传球,传球成功率达98.9%,并利用强大的传动输出能力解决了莱比锡的高压力。

In addition to Kim Pembe, another key task on the Paris defense line is Herrera. Leipzig's offensive was concentrated on Angelino's side, and Herrera played a good role in protecting the defense. Herrera completed a tremendous transformation during his time at Manchester United, and Tuchel basically followed Mourinho's use of the Basque midfielder. Not only can retreat in time to build a temporary five-back line of defense, but also can block the low pass in the ribs, mark the opponent's offensive starting point, and participate in the counterattack pass. Herrera is a rare backcourt maneuverable pawn. .

除了金·彭贝(Kim Pembe),巴黎防线的另一项关键任务是埃雷拉(Herrera)。莱比锡的进攻集中在安吉利诺的身边,埃雷拉在保护防守方面起了很好的作用。埃雷拉(Herrera)在曼联期间完成了一次巨大的转型,而图切尔(Tuchel)基本上跟随了穆里尼奥(Mourinho)对巴斯克中场的使用。不仅可以及时撤退以建立临时的五后卫防御线,而且还可以挡住肋骨中的低位传球,标记对手的进攻起点,并参加反击传球。埃雷拉(Herrera)是罕见nba投注站网址的后场可操纵棋子。 。

Facing Leipzig's frontcourt press, the Paris players are very confident in passing the ball. This kind of experience is of great benefit to their opponents in the finals. In addition to relying on the personal abilities of Mbappe and Neymar to promote the counterattack, Paris has never reduced the intensity of the high post, which allowed them to finally score a third goal, killing the suspense of the game early.


In the new era of Bundesliga, a group of new coaches with pioneering ideas and solid business capabilities have emerged. Tuchel and Nagelsman are among the best. Both coaches focus on ball control and pressure, and are willing to change their formations as needed. Nagelsman pays more attention to physical fitness and confrontation, and the idea of ​​building a team around centers and central defenders is clearer. This is the key to RB Leipzig's ability to eliminate Tottenham and Atletico.

在德甲的新时代,一群具有开拓思想和扎实的业务能力的新教练应运而生。 Tuchel和Nagelsman是最好的。两位教练nba投注站网址都专注于控球和压力,并愿意根据需要改变他们的阵型。内格尔斯曼更加注重身体健康和对抗,围绕中心和中后卫建立团队的想法更加明确。这是莱比锡RB淘汰托特纳姆热刺和马竞的能力的关键。

Paris Saint-Germain has a group of experienced players with strong overall tactical flexibility. The central defender has a solid combination of technology, a reasonable combination of new and old defenses, and the three frontcourts have comprehensive capabilities and a tacit understanding of each other. As long as Paris is able to set its position up and down and give its best, the upper limit will inevitably exceed the opponents RB Leipzig has encountered before.


After a reversal against Atlanta, the confidence of the Paris players has been improved, and coach Tuchel has also benefited a lot from the thrilling promotion process. Using the 433 formation for two consecutive games, Paris showed a completely different game content. The accumulation of offensive players does not affect the offensive and defensive balance. The superstars drive their teammates to perform a more talented and tense overall football. This is the key to Paris's ability to eliminate RB Leipzig and the key to dealing with opponents in the finals.


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