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In the main scene against Newcastle, this is Mourinho's favorite opponent. Because, the team coached by Uncle Bird has faced the Magpies 8 times at home and actually won 8 consecutive victories! However, this time, with Tottenham dominating, they were pecked by the Magpies at the last moment, and it was a pity that the 3 points became 1 point.

在主场对阵纽卡斯尔的比赛中,这是穆里尼奥最喜欢的对手。因为,伯德叔叔带领的球队在家中面对喜pies 8次,实际上已连续8场夺冠!但是,这一次,在热刺的统治下,他们在最后时刻被喜pies队啄了,可惜3分变成1分。

Throughout the game, Tottenham really dominated the game. 65.8% possession rate, 23 shots on goal 12 times but only one goal. Look at Newcastle again, 4 shots and 0 goals, goalkeeper Lori never even made a save before the penalty kick. Under such circumstances, Tottenham failed to score 3 points. In addition to the players forgetting to wear shooting boots, Mourinho may have to bear great responsibility for his conservativeness, underestimation and revenge.


Tottenham played very well in the first half of the game, with a high ball possession rate and one-sided offensive advantage. It must be said that Mourinho used Kane's rear position + Sun Xingmin's tactics very well. Kane used his good overall view and superb passing ability to constantly pass threatening balls to Sun Xingmin and Lucas, allowing these two assaulters to play with ease. In the 25th minute, Sun Xingmin made an oblique pass. Kane followed up and made a pass to the left of the small penalty area. The far-end Lucas outflanked the empty goal and succeeded. Tottenham led 1-0. Since then, Tottenham continued to dominate the field, and Sun Xingmin even hit the crossbar and goal post. It seems that the hot Spurs will have another big win.


However, after Mourinho replaced Sun Xingmin at halftime, the vigorous Tottenham in the first half instantly became a team that would not attack. Although Spurs still had the advantage of possession and shooting in the second half, the threat was really not much, and it was incomparable with the first half. At the beginning of the second half, the commentary guest Li Jinyu issued an early warning: Mourinho replaced Sun Xingmin so early, which is not great. The result was really what he expected. Tottenham’s repeated offensives did not threaten, and Newcastle dared to invest in offensive forces. Carroll was replaced with a direct success. In the end, the Magpies satisfactorily took away from White Hart Lane. Take 1 point.

然而,穆里尼奥在中场换人孙兴民后,上半场充满活力的托特纳姆热刺立即成为一支不会进攻的球队。尽管马刺在下半场哪个app能买篮彩仍然拥有控球和射门的优势,但威胁确实不多,与上半场无可比拟。下半年初,评论嘉宾李金玉发出了预警:穆里尼奥这么早就取代了孙兴民,这并不算好。结果确实是他所期望的。托特纳姆热刺的一再进攻没有构成威胁,纽卡斯尔敢于投资于进攻力量。卡洛尔被直接成功取代。最后,喜pies从白鹿巷(White Hart Lane)令人满意地离开了。取1分。

Mourinho's replacement of Sun Xingmin is easy to understand, because Tottenham will play Chelsea in the League Cup two days later. Faced with his former club and proud disciple, Mourinho has lost twice last season, and this time he definitely wants revenge. In addition, in addition to Chelsea, Tottenham will be at Old Trafford on October 4th. This is another match against the old club. Moreover, they have not won against Solskjaer Bird twice before. This is still In a battle of revenge, Uncle Bird is a face-saving person, and he is determined to win these two games. This is not over yet. Tottenham’s schedule is indeed too dense. Chelsea and Manchester United are also mixed with a Europa League qualifying game. The substitution of Uncle Bird is not a big problem, but it is a little too big. In the Premier League, a score of 1 to 0 is absolutely unsafe. It is even more difficult to hold such a score until the end of the game. If you want to score 3 points and rest the main team, you must not be conservative and win at least two or three goals. Just work.

穆里尼奥接替孙兴民很容易理解,因为托特纳姆热刺将在两天后参加联赛杯比赛。面对他的前俱乐部和骄傲的门徒,穆里尼奥上赛季已经输了两次,这次他绝对想报仇。此外,除了切尔西,热刺还将于10月4日在老特拉福德举行。这是对阵老东家的另一场比赛。而且,他们之前从未两次击败过Solskjaer Bird。这仍然是一场复仇之战,伯德叔叔是个面子不错的人,他决心赢得这两场比赛。还没有结束托特纳姆热刺的时间表确实太密集了。切尔西和曼联还参加了欧洲联赛资格赛。伯德叔叔的接任不是一个大问题,但有点太大。在英超联赛中,得分1比0绝对是不安全的。直到比赛结束,要保持这样的比分更加困难。如果您想获得3分并让主队休息,您一定不要保守并且赢得至少两三个目标。工作吧

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