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nba投注站网址-C罗中招该怪谁?欧国联已变病毒温床 鸡肋比赛为何不中止?

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Yesterday night, the hearts of football fans all over the world were tight because of Ronaldo’s infection of the new crown. Ronaldo also became the third confirmed case of the Portuguese national team after Zhongwei Fonte on October 6 and goalkeeper Anthony Lopez on October 9. Players. With Cristiano Ronaldo's infection, the UEFA Europa League event has been criticized more vigorously, and many people directly refer to it as a hotbed of virus transmission.

昨天晚上,由于罗纳尔多(Ronaldo)感染了新皇冠,全世界足球迷的心都紧绷起来。罗纳尔多也成为继10月6日中卫·丰特和10月9日门将安东尼·洛佩兹之后的葡萄牙国家队第三例确诊病例。由于克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)的感染,对欧洲足联(UEFA)欧洲联赛的活动受到了越来越多的批评,许多人直接将其视为病毒传播的温床。

In the eyes of many fans and the media, in today's healthy environment, the UEFA should stop the game to prevent the spread of the new crown virus. However, UEFA insists on going its own way, insisting on using the player's body to make money for themselves. However, for such a tasteless event, is it really necessary to continue now?


As early as 2011 when Platini served as UEFA president, this tournament was already in the making. After three years of discussions and the establishment of rules, at the 38th UEFA Congress held in Astana on March 27, 2014, UEFA member associations unanimously approved the birth of the European League.


Before the birth of the UEFA, on the national team match day, FIFA is usually responsible for the international friendly match between the national team and the national team. Therefore, all oil heads are also naturally included in the FIFA account, which also improves FIFA. Of exposure.


After seeing the various benefits obtained by FIFA, UEFA also used their brains. Compared to other continents, Europe is undoubtedly the most powerful and the most star. Therefore, in UEFA's view, one should make good use of such advantages to earn money and make gimmicks, rather than let FIFA get all the benefits out of thin air. . Therefore, the European Union was born. UEFA hopes to create a league between European national teams and replace the international friendly matches previously managed by FIFA. This is a struggle for interests.

看到FIFA获得了各种好处之后,UEFA也动用了他们的大脑。与其他大陆相比,欧洲无疑是最强大和最繁星的国家。因此,在欧足联看来,人们应该充分利用这些优势来赚钱和制作头,而不是让国际足联一无所获。 。因此,欧洲联盟诞生了。欧足联希望在欧洲国家队之间建立联盟,并取代之前由国际足联管理的国际友谊赛。这是为利益而斗争。

In UEFA's wishful thinking, the UEFA should be a national team cup full of competition. In the past national team match days, most of the strong teams in European football will choose relatively weak opponents to better test new tactics and test new players. But over time, this brings about an unavoidable problem-the outcome of the game becomes irrelevant. As a result, the main players no longer go all out, and even some ace players will be protected by the club's requirements to reduce playing time. This has also made the odd years without intercontinental competitions and the World Cup become a recognized football year.


In order to allow the national football federations to "face up and respect" this event, UEFA has carefully designed a relegation and relegation system to give the winner a meager reward (you know, these 4 places were originally in the European Cup In addition to the military expansion plan) and a small honor penalty for the loser (the last one in each group will be relegated to the sub-league), more importantly, UEFA also provided a full 76.25 million euros The real money is used to enrich the prize pool of this event.


In addition to material rewards, for mid- and lower-level teams in European countries, the greatest significance of such a brand-new event lies in the direct access to the European Cup. There is no doubt that this kind of competition will not be the same as the past friendly matches. There will be any "friendship" at all. All participating teams will inevitably make a real fight.


Although UEFA’s abacus is well played, execution is at another level. It is true that various countries pay more attention to the UEFA Europa League, but it is the players who really play the game. The emergence of the UEFA Europa League has greatly increased the fatigue of the players, and once the body is not in the best condition, the players are also spared and insufficient, so the overall viewing degree of the game will also be greatly reduced.


Take the UEFA Europa League that ended the previous round as an example. There have been 12 games, including France VS Portugal, England VS Belgium, and Poland VS Italy. However, there were 4 0-0 boring matches. It can be said that the viewing of the game is far less than expected.


In the context of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the European League has long become a hotbed of virus transmission. Prior to this, many teams such as the Czech Republic and Ukraine have already experienced personnel infections. Coupled with the home and away game system, players need to travel to and from multiple countries to play, which greatly increases the risk of player infection.


The newly infected Cristiano Ronaldo was infected during the UEFA Europa League games. As for the source of the infection, where exactly Cristiano Ronaldo was infected, it is still unknown. But it is definitely not the Portuguese teammates or opponents of the French team, because the other players of the Portuguese team are negative, and before the game against the French team, all players have to undergo a new crown test to participate in the game. Therefore, Cristiano Ronaldo may have been infected before the game against the French team, which undoubtedly puts the entire Portuguese and French teams at risk of infection.

新感染的克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多在欧洲联盟欧洲联赛中被感染。至于感染的来源,确切地说是克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)被感染的地方,目前还不清楚。但这绝对不是葡萄牙队友或法国队的对手,因为葡萄牙队的其他球员都是负面的,并且在与法国队对决之前,所有球员都必须接受新的王冠测试才能参加比赛。因此,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多在对阵法国队的比赛前可能已被感染,这无疑使整个葡萄牙和法国队都有感染的危险。

The infection of superstars like Ronaldo has once again made the European League a target of public criticism. Since his creation, this tournament has encountered many doubts. First, the schedule is tight, the competition is too dense, and the players are exhausted, which increases the risk of injury. Such as Kane and Lewand appear in the national team. Injury. Wenger clearly stated in an interview: "We must cancel the UEFA Europa League and create a tournament that everyone can easily understand." It can be said that in today's environment, the UEFA Europa League is still held on schedule. Personal safety is in desperation.


Now that the situation is very serious, why doesn't the European League suspend it? The interest entanglement mentioned above is the key, and UEFA is also somewhat blindly confident. It is true that not every infected person has a very powerful infectious ability. In addition, the players are different from ordinary people. They have better physical fitness and stronger immunity. Secondly, the players will go through multiple tests. Therefore, even if the infected person is found, the risk of group infection is relatively relative. Lower. UEFA firmly believes that as long as high-frequency testing continues, the personal safety of players will not be threatened and the competition will not be suspended. For individual players to stop the entire game, UEFA is obviously not willing to make such a sacrifice.




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