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【哪个app能买篮彩】夏窗转会最贵阵容:哈弗茨领衔蓝军4将 萨内、阿什拉夫入选

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On October 6, Beijing time, the summer transfer window for the five major leagues was officially closed. PP Sports counted the most expensive lineup for the 2020 summer window transfer based on the German transfer data, and Chelsea 4 will be selected.

北京时间10月6日,五个大联盟的夏季转会窗口正式关闭。根据德国转会数据,PP Sports算出了2020年夏季窗前转会中最昂贵的阵容,而切尔西4号将入选。

Goalkeeper: Mendy 24 million euros (Rennes-Chelsea)


In the position of goalkeeper, Mendy became the king of transfers this summer, and Chelsea paid a transfer fee of 24 million euros in order to get him. In fact, because Lampard is very dissatisfied with Kepa's performance, he has been hoping to introduce a new goalkeeper this summer. Mendy is 28 years old. Although he is not well known, he has outstanding strength. After joining Rennes from Reims last summer, the Senegalese national goal represented the team in 33 appearances, of which 13 had zero closures, making him the goalkeeper with the second fewest conceded in the Ligue 1 league.

在夏天的门将位置,门迪成为了转会之王,切尔西为此付出了2400万欧元的转会费。实际上,由于兰帕德对科帕的表现非常不满意,他一直希望今年夏天引进一名新的门将。 Mendy今年28岁。尽管他并不知名,但他有出色的实力。去年夏天从兰斯(Reims)加入雷恩(Rennes)之后,塞内加尔的国家进球代表该队参加了33次露面,其中13次禁区为零,这使他成为了联赛1联赛中第二少的门将。

Right back: Ashraf 40 million euros (Real Madrid-Inter Milan)


As one of the most outstanding right-wing players in European football in the past two years, Ashraf returned to Real Madrid after ending Dortmund's lease and soon joined Inter Milan. The participation of the Moroccans is of great significance to Inter Milan. Ashraf, who is extremely fast and good at breaking through, is expected to make up for the shortcomings in Inter Milan's offense and make the offense more three-dimensional.


中卫:鲁本-迪亚斯 6800万欧(本菲卡——曼城)

中卫:鲁本-迪亚斯 6800万欧(本菲卡——曼城)

After Kompany left the team, Manchester City's defense has been leaking frequently, which also caused the team to lose to Liverpool in the championship process. In order to find a qualified partner for Laporte, Guardiola finally set his sights on Diaz. Dias is 23 years old this year, 187cm tall, in tough physical condition, and has a good heading ability. Not only that, although Diaz is a central defender, he also has excellent offensive attributes and can be regarded as a central defender with a knife.


Central defender: Ake 45.3 million euros (Bournemouth-Manchester City)


This summer, strengthening the defense has become an important task for Guardiola's signings. Ake, who played well in Bournemouth, won the favor of Guardiola. In fact, Ake is an all-rounder in the backcourt. Not only can he be a central defender, he can also serve as a left back and midfielder. While renting out Bournemouth, Aker performed very well and was bought out by the team for 20 million euros in 2018. In the last season, Aker played 30 games for Bournemouth and is one of the team's best players.


Left back: Chilwell 50.2 million euros (Leicester City-Chelsea)


Chelsea spent a lot of money this summer, Chilwell has also become an important signing for them. This summer, Chilwell has been an important signing target for Chelsea. Lampard appreciates Chilwell's ability very much and believes that his joining will be of great help to the team. In the end, after a long negotiation, Chelsea signed it for 50.2 million euros. After joining, Chilwell quickly integrated into the team. In Chelsea's 4-0 victory over Crystal Palace, England Wings played a good pass and helped the team get 3 points as they wished.


Midfielder: Atul 72 million euros (Barça-Juventus)


Artur and Pjanic switched clubs, bringing fans the first climax in the transfer market this summer. As early as June, the two parties had basically finalized the deal. Barcelona needs to deposit 70 million euros at the end of June to meet the requirements of the Fiscal Fairness Act. The advantage of Juventus helping Barcelona balance the balance is that it actually only needs to invest 12 million euros in exchange for the 30-year-old Pjanic in exchange for the 23-year-old A Tours.

Artur和Pjanic转换俱乐部,在今年夏天将球迷带入转会市场的第一个高潮。早在6月,两党就已基本完成交易。巴塞罗那需要在6月底存入7000万欧元,以满足《财政公平法》的要求。尤文图斯帮助巴塞罗那实现平衡的好处是,实际上它只需要投资1200万欧元即可换来30岁的Pjanic,以换取23岁的A Tours。

Midfielder: Haverts 80 million euros (Leverkusen-Chelsea)


As one of the super new stars that have emerged in Germany in recent years, Havertz has attracted the attention and competition of many giants this summer. Liverpool, Manchester United and other teams have had many scandals with him. In the end, the wealthy Chelsea paid a transfer fee of 80 million euros and successfully signed him, and he became the transfer bid king this summer. In the last season, the German star played 45 games for Leverkusen, scoring 18 goals and contributing 9 assists. Currently, he has played 5 games for Chelsea, scored 3 goals and contributed 1 assist.


Midfielder: Pjanic 60 million euros (Juventus-Barcelona)


After introducing Ramsey and Rabiot in succession, Juventus's midfield lineup was too bloated, so the 30-year-old Pjanic became the target of cleaning for the Bianconeri. Barcelona fell in love with Pjanic, while Juventus was very fond of Atul, so the two sides hit it off and completed the player swap. But until now, Pjanic is still trying to adapt to the rhythm of La Liga and Koman's tactics. After joining Barcelona, ​​he only played 2 games, with a total playing time of only 27 minutes.


Right winger: Ziyekh 40 million euros (Ajax-Chelsea)


As early as February of this year, Chelsea finalized Ziyekh's joining. The 26-year-old Ziyeh has an excellent vision, excellent passing ability, and excellent breakthrough ability. He is also one of the key players for Ajax to reach the Champions League semi-finals in the 2018-19 season. In that season, Ziyech scored 21 goals and contributed 24 assists in 49 games, playing very well. In last season, Ziyech played 35 games for Ajax, scoring 8 goals and contributing 21 assists. However, due to the healing phase, Ziyech has not played a formal game on behalf of Chelsea. But in the eyes of many fans, Ziyekh is the ideal successor for Hazard.

最早在今年2月,切尔西完成了Ziyekh的加盟。 26岁的Ziyeh具有出色的视野,出色的传球能力和出色的突破能力。他还是阿贾克斯队在2018-19赛季进入欧冠半决赛的关键球员之一。在那个赛季,Ziyech攻入21球,在49场比赛中贡献24次助攻,表现非常出色。在上个赛季,Ziyech为阿贾克斯(Ajax)出战35场比赛,打进8球,贡献21次助攻。但是,由于康复阶段,齐耶奇尚未代表切尔西参加正式比赛。但是在许多粉丝看来,Zyeyeh是Hazard的理想继任者。

中锋:奥斯梅恩 7000万欧(里尔——那不勒斯)

中锋:奥斯梅恩 7000万欧(里尔——那不勒斯)

With his outstanding performance, Osmein also attracted the attention of many giants this summer. But in order to get a more stable playing time, the 21-year-old Osmeen finally chose to join Naples. As a forward, Osmeen has excellent speed and ability to grab points, and the ball holding ability and coping ability are very strong. In the summer of 2019, Osmein joined Lille with a transfer fee of 22.4 million euros. Last season, he represented Lille in 38 official games, scoring 18 goals, and the transfer fee soared to 70 million euros.


Left winger: Sane 45 million euros (Manchester City-Bayern)


After losing Robben and Ribery, Bayern always hoped to introduce a top wing player, and Sane became their target. As early as last summer, Sane was very close to joining Bayern, but due to a serious injury, the transfer failed. This summer, Bayern finally signed Sane as they wished, and the transfer fee of 45 million euros is also very worthwhile. After joining, Sane, Gnabry and Lewand formed a terrifying trident. He has played 3 games for Bayern, scoring 1 goal and contributing 2 assists.


Mendy/Ashraf, Ruben Dias, Aker, Chilwell/Atul, Haverts, Pjanic/Ziekh, Osmeen, Sane

Mendy/Ashraf,Ruben Dias,Aker,Chilwell/Atul,Haverts,Pjanic/Ziekh,Osmeen,Sane



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